Thou calledst in trouble, and. I delivered thee.—PS. lxxxi. 7.


Be strong, and of good courage; dread not, nor be dismayed.—I CHRON. xxii. 13.


  Thou canst calm the troubled mind,
    Thou its dread canst still;
  Teach me to be all resigned
    To my Father’s will.




Though this patient, meek resignation is to be exercised with regard to all outward things and occurrences of life, yet it chiefly respects our own inward state, the troubles, perplexities, weaknesses, and disorders of our own souls. And to stand turned to a patient, meek, humble resignation to God, when your own impatience, wrath, pride, and irresignation attack yourself, is a higher and more beneficial performance of this duty, than when you stand turned to meekness and patience, when attacked by the pride, or wrath, or disorderly passions of other people.