The hand of our God is upon all them for good that seek Him.—EZRA viii. 22.

Into Thy hand I commit my spirit.—PS. xxxi. 5.

  Thou layest Thy hand on the fluttering heart,
    And sayest, “Be still!”
  The silence and shadow are only a part
    Of Thy sweet will;
  Thy presence is with me, and where Thou art
    I fear no ill.


Be still and cool in thy own mind and spirit from thy own thoughts, and then thou wilt feel the principle of God, to turn thy mind to the Lord God, from whom life comes; whereby thou mayest receive His strength, and power to allay all blustering storms and tempests. That is it which works up into patience, into innocency, into soberness, into stillness, into stayedness, into quietness, up to God with His power. Therefore be still awhile from thy own thoughts, searching, seeking, desires, and imaginations, and be stayed in the principle of God in thee, that it may raise thy mind up to God, and stay it upon God; and thou wilt find strength from Him, and find Him to be a God at hand, a present help in the time of trouble and need.