Giving thanks always for all things unto God.—EPH. v. 20.

  For blessings of the fruitful season,
    For work and rest, for friends and home,
  For the great gifts of thought and reason,—
    To praise and bless Thee, Lord, we come.

  Yes, and for weeping and for wailing,
    For bitter hail and blighting frost,
  For high hopes on the low earth trailing,
    For sweet joys missed, for pure aims crossed.


Notwithstanding all that I have suffered, notwithstanding all the pain and weariness and anxiety and sorrow that necessarily enter into life, and the inward errings that are worse than all, I would end my record with a devout thanksgiving to the great Author of my being. For more and more am I unwilling to make my gratitude to Him what is commonly called “a thanksgiving for mercies,”—for any benefits or blessings that are peculiar to myself, or my friends, or indeed to any man. Instead of this, I would have it to be gratitude for all that belongs to my life and being,—for joy and sorrow, for health and sickness, for success and disappointment, for virtue and for temptation, for life and death; because I believe that all is meant for good.