In all ages entering into holy souls, she [Wisdom] maketh them friends of God, and prophets.—WISDOM OF SOLOMON vii. 27.

  Meanwhile with every son and saint of Thine
    Along the glorious line,
  Sitting by turns beneath Thy sacred feet
    We ‘ll hold communion sweet,
  Know them by look and voice, and thank them all
    For helping us in thrall,
  For words of hope, and bright examples given
  To shew through moonless skies that there is light in heaven.


If we cannot live at once and alone with Him, we may at least live with those who have lived with Him; and find, in our admiring love for their purity, their truth, their goodness, an intercession with His pity on our behalf. To study the lives, to meditate the sorrows, to commune with the thoughts, of the great and holy men and women of this rich world, is a sacred discipline, which deserves at least to rank as the forecourt of the temple of true worship, and may train the tastes, ere we pass the very gate, of heaven. We forfeit the chief source of dignity and sweetness in life, next to the direct communion with God, if we do not seek converse with the greater minds that have left their vestiges on the world.


Do not think it wasted time to submit yourself to any influence which may bring upon you any noble feeling.