GENESIS. The Beginning of the inhabited world in man’s epoch. I. The Creation, Fall, and antediluvian history of man, including the First Covenant. II. The Deluge, Second Covenant with Noah, re-peopling of the earth; the Dispersion, and confusion of language. III. The Call and history of Abraham and his sons, to the third generation, ending with the death of Joseph (2,369, or, according to some, 3,619 years). The general subject of the book is the creation, and decline of humanity through sin, and its capability to be reclaimed by communion with God its Maker. Hope is kept alive and faith engendered by a chosen few, who under obedience to God become heirs to promised blessings, which are continually postponed, with mercy to those who are sinful, and a deepening of faith in those who are righteous.