Return unto thy rest, O my soul; for the Lord hath dealt bountifully with thee.—PS. cxvi. 7.

We which have believed do enter into rest.—HEB. iv. 3.

  Rest is not quitting
    The busy career;
  Rest is the fitting
    Of self to its sphere.

  ‘T is loving and serving
    The highest and best!
  ‘T is onwards, unswerving,—
    And that is true rest.


As a result of this strong faith, the inner life of Catherine of Genoa was characterized, in a remarkable degree, by what may be termed rest, or quietude; which is only another form of expression for true interior peace. It was not, however, the quietude of a lazy inaction, but the quietude of an inward acquiescence; not a quietude which feels nothing and does nothing, but that higher and divine quietude which exists by feeling and acting in the time and degree of God’s appointment and God’s will. It was a principle in her conduct, to give herself to God in the discharge of duty; and to leave all results without solicitude in His hands.