(by Henry Law)

O Eternal God, who alone has immortality, ever living in glory, unchanged and unchangeable, bend down Your ear to hear. Hearken and bless us. May the close of another day teach us the rapid flight of time. Truly our life is but a vapor. How soon will our sojourn on earth be done. As the spilled water cannot be gathered up, so lost opportunities return no more.  

Pardon us that we have so poorly used the hours which have just fled. Pardon us that we have so failed to do Your work and to advance Your glory. We humble ourselves as most unprofitable servants. Our best doings are but filthy rags. Our worst doings—how hateful they must be to You, in whose sight the very heavens are not clean. In shame we now hide ourselves in our great Redeemer’s wounds. Clinging to His cross, we supplicate forgiveness of every committed sin and of every omitted duty.