(by Henry Law)

Father of heaven, God of all grace and love, help us now to lie low in supplicating cries.  

We come humbly—because we come as wretched sinners in ourselves.

We come boldly—because we come in the mighty name of Jesus. Strengthen our faith, that we may refuse to let You go—until You bless us with all blessings.

We are pained by our graceless hearts. We bewail our prayerless prayers. We know that whatever we ask in prayer believing—we shall receive. It is because of our vile sin—that we are so poor in grace. We are sluggards in the heavenly race, we are grovelers in the mire, when we should be soaring to the heights of heaven, on the eagle-wings of faith!

What great things have we lost, because we have not drawn near to take them! Pardon the deadness of our poor hearts. On the knees of our hearts—may we be incessant in telling You our sincere needs and our desires. Grant that our life may be one sweet savor of devotion!

Did Your dear Son weep when He saw Jerusalem in the gall of bitterness and unbelief—and shall our eyes be dry when we contemplate the perishing multitudes of this sin-sick world! Our spirits should be stirred within us, when we reflect that the devil reigns as a tyrant over his enslaved dupes!  

What present misery!

What future anguish!

What desolation now!

What weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth forever!

Take our humble prayers, and present them with acceptance, O Lord Jesus Christ, our Savior and our all. Amen.