(by Henry Law)

God Almighty, heavenly Father,
Your eye of love has never failed to watch us. But our eyes have turned from You, to countless vanities! We smite upon our breasts before You—and bewail our waywardness and folly!

It is through Your protecting care alone, that we now kneel in safety in Your presence. Every moment, streams of mercy have flowed from heaven. We confess with shame and contrition, that we are not worthy of the least of all the mercies and all the grace which You have granted to us. If our hearts should burn in one bright flame of love—if our lips should utter no sound but glowing praise—if our lives should be one incense of thanksgiving—it would fall short of our vast debt to You!

We remember the unprofitableness and the iniquity of our past sins. They arise before us, black in guilt, testifying against us, calling for our condemnation. We would silence their accusing voice—by burying them all in the deep grave of the Redeemer’s wounds.

We present our empty hearts to You. Be pleased to fill them to overflowing with Your choicest gifts. We bring our blinded understanding; chase away all the mists of ignorance and superstition, by bright beams from the Sun of Righteousness. We would take our seat beneath the great Redeemer’s cross; may healing streams continuously descend, cleansing us from all our filth, pouring sweet balm into every grievous wound, and purging our consciences from dead works to serve You, the living God.