53. Another Morning Prayer in Sickness.

I commit myself this morning and all the days of my life into Thy hands, O God, the eternal Father who hast created me, O God, the eternal Son who hast redeemed me, O God, the Holy Ghost who hast sanctified me in holy baptism. O eternal Godhead, O perfect humanity, O holy Trinity, ever keep me ready to enter into everlasting salvation. Amen.

Good and merciful God, affectionate Father, by Thy grace I have passed another night and again behold the cheering light. Thanks be unto Thee, that Thou hast been my keeper and protector, comforter and helper, that Thou hast as a Father kept my sick body, together with my distressed soul, by Thy power hast kept me from sudden death and dangerous temptations, and that Thy holy angel has defended me against the devil, the prince of darkness. By Thy grace and mercy I still live. Watch over me Thy poor creature to-day also, and so lead and guide me that I may neither think, speak, nor do evil. Lead me, the poor one of Thy flock, to Thy holy Word, and cause me to lie down in its green pastures, for this is my comfort in my distress. Preserve me, O God, for in Thee do I put my trust, Thou, and Thou alone, art my strength, my God and my noblest treasure. Fill my heart and mind with fear and love to Thee. Separate me from all things not purely Thine. Hide me in Thyself, that in my trouble and affliction I may submit to Thy will, and trust in Thee alone, for besides Thee there is no other help in all the world. Thou art the true physician of the sick, the true comforter in every distress, the true helper in the hour of death. Beloved Father, heal me, comfort me, help me. Keep me this day from sin and all evil, from the wiles of the devil, from the temptations of the world and from the evil lusts of my own sinful flesh. Give patience, hope and constancy. And when my life is at an end give me an easy and blessed death through Jesus Christ, Thy dear Son, my Redeemer. Amen.