46. Prayer during a Storm.

Great God of might and power in heaven and in earth, by Thy thunder and lightening we are now reminded of Thy great wrath over us sinful mortals. By such sound of Thy voice which makes all creatures to tremble and to fear, Thou doest call us, as if it were with a bell of repentance, to the knowledge of our sins and to true repentance, in order that we may not be condemned with the wicked world. Thou art such a mighty and powerful Lord, that if Thou wouldst deal with us according to Thy strict righteousness, Thou couldst destroy the world with one clap of thunder and lightening. But we bend our knees in prayer before Thee and humbly beseech Thee, remit Thy great wrath enkindled against our sins. Have mercy on us, spare us, lift up Thy gracious countenance upon us, and be Thou merciful unto us. Preserve our bodies and lives, our homes and property, our town and land, our goods and possessions, and all that we have, also the fruits of the field from hail and sleet, from conflagrations and floods, and from all danger. Guard us also against an evil and sudden death, and mercifully grant that many sinners may by Thy word, thunder and lightning, be roused out of their wicked walk and life, and be truly and heartily converted to Thee. Let us every hour of our lives think of Thy glorious appearing to judge the quick and the dead, and be prepared to receive Thee with joy, and with Thee to enter into the everlasting joys of Thy heavenly kingdom. Amen. O Lord, have mercy on us poor sinners, our bodies and souls, here in this present life and in the life to come. Amen.