45. Prayer for the precious Fruits of the Field.

Dear Lord, do Thou graciously keep the blessed fruits of the field, purify the air, give fruitful rain and good weather, that the fruits of the land may prosper; let them not be poisoned, so that by eating them we together with the cattle be not taken with pestilence, fever or other plagues; for such plagues come when evil spirits poison the air, and afterwards the fruits, wine and corn, so that we by Thy infliction eat and drink sickness and death with our own daily bread. Therefore, dear Lord, bless Thy gifts that they may redound to our health and prosperity, and that we also may not abuse them to the injury of our souls or to greater sinfulness, intemperance and idleness, out of which unchastity, adultery, profanity, swearing, murder, wars and all manner of evils flow; but give us grace to use Thy gifts to our souls’ salvation, and the amendment of our lives, and that the fruits of the Land be the means of furthering and keeping the health of our bodies and souls. Amen.