31. Prayer during a Journey.

O Lord Jesus Christ, Thou ever-gracious Lord and Saviour! Thou who hast become a guest and stranger for us upon earth, I come unto Thee humbled in heart, and beseech Thee, that Thou wouldst permit my whole life and walk to be acceptable unto Thee. Preserve me also upon this my journey by the protection of Thy beloved angels upon all my ways graciously from all evil and accident, misfortune and danger of soul and body, so that I may successfully accomplish my work and return again to my beloved ones, in health and in vigor. Unto Thee alone, O Lord, do I commit my body and soul, all that I have and possess, during my journey. Do Thou direct my course and way to my welfare and blessedness. In the mean time do Thou faithfully protect my loved ones at home, that we may meet each other again in health and happiness. And when I have finally accomplished my journey of life here in this world, receive me unto Thyself, into Thy glory, by a peaceful and a blessed death. Amen.