26. Prayer before Labor.

Eternal and Merciful God! I would now take up my work anew, and cheerfully lay hold upon the task of my proper calling, into which Thou hast placed me Thy servant, and thus labor according to my talents received from Thee, that I might through them serve my neighbor and earn my daily bread. I would therefore pray Thee with all my heart, to bestow upon me knowledge, prudence, understanding and health for the performance of my labor and work, according to Thy grace-abounding promise, and to further and bless the same, that not only its beginning be well done, but that I may also, through Thy paternal assistance and in Thy name, profitably finish it, and at all times perform the duties of my calling in Thy fear with a good conscience. Into Thy hands I commend my work; grant that my undertakings be successful, and that I may accomplish the work begun in Thy name, that the light may ever be shining upon my path, unto Thy honor and praise and the welfare of myself and friends and neighbors, through Thy dear Son Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen. O Lord Jesus, in Thy name and upon Thy Word I will let down my net. O Lord, help, O Lord, let my work prosper. Amen.