19. A Prayer for Children

Almighty God, Heavenly Father! since Thou hast so earnestly enjoined upon me, in the fourth commandment, to honor my father and my mother, and hast also promised, graciously to reward such service with long life and prosperity: I would pray Thee from the depth of my heart, that Thou wouldst bestow upon me an obedient heart, which, with due submission, obeys my dear parents in all things, and also those who are my superiors in the place of my parents; that I may honor them in deed, word and with patience, and that I may not grieve, disregard or despise them as long as I live, in order that Thy blessing may rest upon me. Grant that I may well remember and firmly keep to heart their words, rules and precepts, yea, that I may at all times be mindful of them, and that I may not forget their instructions, in order that my days may be long upon earth. Do Thou govern me through Thy good Spirit, that I may hear the instruction of my father and not forsake the law of my mother, in order that I may be a cause of joy and comfort unto them. Grant that I may, in all my actions, diligently follow the example of my Lord and Saviour, who, being a true model for all pious children, was subject unto the virgin Mary, His blessed mother, and unto Joseph, His foster-father. Bestow also upon me a grateful and humble heart, that I may recompense my dear parents and again serve them, especially that I may administer unto them in old age and bear with them when they have become childish and simple, and that I may never forget that they are my parents. Do Thou also graciously forgive me whenever I have offended them through childish weakness and rashness. Do Thou preserve me from evil society and frivolous people, and when sinners entice me, that I may not consent nor walk in their way with them, but that I may refrain my foot from their path and not bring disgrace and crime upon myself. O Lord! Thou hast thus far chastened me as a man chasteneth his son; grant that I may bow down mine ear and hear the words of the wise, and learn while I am young, that I may acquire knowledge and discretion. Grant that I may increase in wisdom and stature, and in favour before Thee and my fellow-men, for the sake of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen!