7. Tuesday Morning Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ, Thou only Saviour of the world! to Thee I lift my heart and mind, and thank Thee again, that Thou hast by Thy boundless mercy and love kept me safe and secure this night from the wiles and power of the wicked one. Lord Jesus Christ, Thou art the portion of my inheritance, my salvation is in Thy hands, and besides Thee I know of no Helper in heaven or on earth. Therefore I pray Thee for the sake of Thy unutterable suffering and anguish, of Thy most painful and bitter death, which in great love Thou didst suffer for me, that Thou wouldst be gracious and merciful unto me, and this day and through my whole life bless, spare, preserve and keep me from all sin and evil in this world of sorrow, until Thou shalt take me to eternal joy and blessedness, for Thy most holy name’s sake. Amen.