3. Sunday Evening Prayer

Lord, almighty God and heavenly Father, I most heartily thank Thee for all Thy goodness and benefits which Thou hast this day so kindly shown unto me, in that Thou hast defended me from evil and preserved my health. And I, Thy dear child, further pray Thee that Thou wouldst mercifully keep me in Thy alone saving word to my last breath, and enlighten my heart with Thy Holy Spirit, that I may know what is good or evil. And wouldst graciously wipe out the remembrance of all the sins which I this day have knowingly done, also of my secret sins, and grant me this night a christian rest, that I may arise again refreshed and in health, to Thy praise. Help also, dear Father, that I may begin a new life, well pleasing in Thy sight, to the salvation of my soul, in Jesus Christ, Thy dear Son, our only Helper. Amen.