2. Before going to Church.
Merciful God and Father! Thou seest, that by reason of my depraved nature I have no delight in Thy word, and that I so easily permit the devil, my own flesh and blood, the children of the world, also false teachers and preachers and other trivial causes keep me away from it, and that I am too indolent and careless to hear and preserve Thy word. Therefore I now pray Thee, O eternal God, forgive me this my inbred indolence, and do Thou give me a heart willing and apt to hear and meditate upon Thy word. Awake in me such an earnest longing that I may have a desire after the sincere milk of the divine word, as new-born babes. Help me, that I may find my chief delight in Thy word. May there be nothing in this world dearer to me than Thy word; may I love it more than gold and all fine gold, and always regard it as my best treasure. And as I, alas! have lived to see the time which Thy dear Son Himself foretold, that false Christs should arise and do wonders, so that, if it were 009 possible, even the elect should be deceived, I pray Thee that Thou wouldst graciously defend and protect me from error and false doctrine. Keep me in Thy truth, for Thy word is truth, that I may cling to the same as heavenly truth, and remain steadfast in the same unto death. Grant this for the sake of the honor of Thy most holy and blessed name. Amen.