Nothing is more predictive of a nation’s demise than the thought that our leaders disregard the lessons of history and believe they are the recipients of the ultimate truth.

Cleaning the dung off your boots as you walk through the halls of Congress has become far more difficult these days.

The effort has become so distracting that millions of voters have forgotten that our country was once a nation founded on the basic principles found in the Bible. Forgetting them is one thing, but actually mocking those principles is beyond any degree of civility.

Historically, America became the nation of distinction and integrity because of the belief in freedom untarnished by our cultural nature to stray outside the boundaries of those principles. Over time, we have not only stretched those boundaries beyond endurance, corrupted the foundational structure of our nation, and compromised the common sense we were born with.

Without question, we have endeared ourselves to the greed and pleasure precepts that have led to the complete downfall of every country in the world over time, and are certain to cause the fall of America as well.

When a major portion of our population finds solace in reveling in the sins so often described in the Bible, the rest of us pay the price, and rightly so. I say that because principled people have chosen to turn the other cheek instead of facing up to the giant apostasy as David did with Goliath. We have all helped to create the coming fall from freedom and America’s demise.

“The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.”

Psalm 9:17

Most Americans should feel ashamed that we have permitted this fall away from the religious, moral, and principled clout we had at the start. It does seem evident that we are also co-conspirators in this destructive process because of our persistent inertia and lack of respect for the foundations that made this nation the leader of the world.

The question that should be asked is, “Is America over the edge already, and unrepairable?”

Should America be recycled, trashed, or continue sucking up to the mental and physical corruption of our society?

The impetus to clean the dung off your boots can be found in the most soul inspiring piece of literature ever created for man’s and nation’s survival. Likely, you just don’t want to hear the truth about what is required of you and for this nation to survive. No human has come up with the answers, but there is someone who has.

Aren’t there at least a dozen or so brave folks (Americans) out there who would give their right arm for the truth that is laid out so plainly in the Old Testament?

Those who have never read the Bible carefully, or at all, would be wise to take time to read about what it takes for America to be overhauled. It’s right there in black and white to read.

The Old Testament, starting from the Book of Deuteronomy through the Book of Job, is an astounding factual blueprint for America’s restoration and survival. It’s so clear and understandable that it blows your mind. Isn’t it interesting that no politician has ever mentioned that, nor will they?

Wouldn’t it be even more reassuring to know that at least a few of our leaders and politicians have read the Bible cover to cover, or even a part of it? This is assuming that every person of maturity has some form of religious belief and is in search of fundamental truth.

Then again, our president and legislators are so busy creating new laws to restrict our freedoms, spending our tax money to increase their control over our lives, and offering rewards to those who live on entitlements, that their time with their creator, at best, barely measures up to “adequate,” if at all.

There has been no news coverage that I have found over the past four years confirming that our president or his family attends church on a regular basis, or at all. Why not? Could it be that his standards of religion are quite different than those that this country has prospered with for over 200 years?

It makes one wonder how many of our presidents have kept a Bible on their desk in the Oval Office, or at least in one of the desk drawers. At least the Christians and Jews know why that’s important and what it means to prophesy. At the very least, it would imply that they respected the power and integrity of the Bible, even if they never read a word of it.

Biblical presence in the oval office might not in many people’s minds add up to what many consider the true power behind our nations leadership, such as the “Skulls” Society of Yale University, the “by invitation only” secretive Bilderberg Group of world leaders pushing for The New World Order since 1954, or our own leaders who belong, join, or send prominent government officials to participate in their secret agendas. Hell no-it couldn’t be another conspiracy… could it?

Does anyone out there really understand why America became the land of freedom and opportunity? You know… the nation that has been the one nation in the world that most subdued people struggle so hard to reach.

If you understand how this nation of “organized immigrants” was able to create abundance in the midst of turmoil and war, I salute you. So, what are you doing today to help restore it?

With our history of over five decades of persistent crumbling of our government and society, one would think that someone would have looked at the Bible for guidance. Yet, it’s obvious our leaders didn’t and won’t-with very few exceptions.

The toss-up between recycling America or trashing it remains a dilemma that even the most intelligent leaders, who have a passion to fix things, are cleverly prevented from doing so. That should create a flash of curiosity in any person’s mind.

Our national leaders, who have the intent to retrieve the power we once saluted with passion, haven’t even been able to make a dent in the effort to penetrate the money-power-political circles because of the political corruption present in our congress of indentured servants.

This is why the trashing of our society and financial system might be the best choice. Even the WSJ mentions that we may need to fall over the financial cliff currently to get America back on a survival path again.

The public frustration caused by increasing disagreement among legislators, their rejection of reasonable ideas and solutions for resolving our national debt, and overt partisanship leaves most of us in a give-up mode, or worse.

Certainly this aberrant congressional process is confirmed by the complete departure from the art of resourceful negotiation, a completely stonewalled congress with no end in sight, and the blessings of citizens who promote and support these atrocious acts of incompetence.

After all, if there is no effective solution possible to America’s unsustainable debt problems created by our congressional leaders locked in irresolvable conflict, then America will fall and anarchy will rise as history tells us.

It means reason is trumped by idols and beliefs, all of which provide no sustainable system for our nation’s survival.

It also means there will be increased corruption in politics and in our society-not less. The disregard for any retreat from our pending financial cliff by the predominantly ignorant elements of our population, who are easily persuaded to continue to support politicians who openly keep the cart rolling downhill towards chaos, are the dark forces we should fear.

Let’s not forget that we are being held hostage to the desires of a dominant and morally corrupt society as well, bent on entitlement over responsibility. That can’t end up good for anyone.

Now, if you are a believer in the theory that we can fix America’s problems ourselves, take a look at how good of a job we have done recently, say over the last 50 years. Add to that the fact that the reversibility of what has already been set in place is nothing more than a pipedream.

Wouldn’t it be great to eliminate the option of re-election of any political individual-no more billions of dollars wasted on re-election of politicians? No more senate majority leader, continually reelected, just for the bounty offered to the electorate of “have-nots.”

Would you like to learn the lessons about the repeated downfall and reconstruction of the nations and societies that happened about 2,000 – 3,000 years ago? Don’t fool yourself. The issues, causes, results, and outcomes of those ancient nations are similar to ours today.

Skeptics, troubled about Biblical proof, are faced with proving those things centuries ago didn’t happen, God didn’t intervene, and remarkable intelligence never existed in those times.

The blueprint we should use can be found in the Old Testament:

Since it is unlikely that America can be saved by any human efforts, it seems incredibly smart to check for other alternatives. Of course, those who don’t believe God was or is responsible for anything that happens to us are left to continue their unrestrained search for dominance.

The rest of us know God exists without the need for proof. We have a strong faith in the power of prayer. Would you believe that there are even some medical doctors who pray for the Lord’s help for curing patient’s suffering?

The Bible throughout is consistent in providing lessons and explaining the value of God’s commandments. They are only visible and found by deep reading of the Bible that we should all feel the obligation to read, and re-read.

Concerning people who read the Bible, only 15% ever read it word for word expecting to gain the magical understanding of everything said there. About 3% of so called “Bible readers,” only scan topics and read intermittently certain pages that draw their attention.

That leaves 82% who claim to believe in God who never read the Bible, yet figure they know Jesus and his Father well enough to make it to heaven without doing their required homework on a regular basis.

The above details are important for understanding what my rant is telling you and who should pay attention.

Details of the blueprint to prevent the demise of America:

For those who give a damn about this country, I see the possibility of the resurrection of our nation. Our nation has been shot, skinned, and then butchered-with the flesh saved in the freezer. Too graphic for you?

The values are still there and are frozen in time and history. Some of the economic and political fat won’t be saved. But, for the most part, the essential and important parts of this nation are restorable and still usable.

Even though the Old Testament is often considered to be information that was appropriate only for those old times, but not applicable to the present world, the fall and rise of those ancient countries were directly influenced by God’s grace that the people didn’t earn or deserve as sinners.

Grace means that God, out of a clear blue sky, will fill your pockets with gold nuggets no matter whether you earned it, asked for it, or deserved it-out of Love. Yes, there are a few preliminary conditions to receiving His unlimited charity. That’s the point of these lessons I’m talking about here.

These lessons begin and end with God’s chosen land and people of Israel. Surrounding countries and territories that were not Jewish unknowingly were partners with God in the punishment of the Jews who had turned away from God.

It resulted in the Jewish people returning to trusting God alone-not the stone, wood, metal idols, or groves they prayed to for guidance. Most of the biblical promises made to the Jewish nation, given in the Bible, have come true.

Now, compare the similarities of then and now:

See if what is described next doesn’t mirror what is happening in our country today.

From about 1200 to 1500 B.C. to today, the Jews continue to be chosen by God to be his people. The Old Testament describes how God gave the Jews all the rules to abide by to remain in his favor.

He understood that all humans are sinners and would need strict guidance in view of their sinful nature, even requiring some trips to the woodshed (grandparents will tell you what that means, if you don’t know) for instruction and correction of mistakes.

Much of the time Israel was a single nation ruled by a series of kings. There was a time later when it was split into two separate nations of Israel and Judah. Not only did they fight with each other, but fought with all the nations surrounding them for various reasons.

Is America warring with other nations repeatedly?

No debate about that.

God saw what happened to each segment of the Jewish nation as it evolved. As expected, they would start out believing wholeheartedly in the power and goodness of the invisible God and were faithful to Him and His commandments. They lived and progressed abundantly under God’s commandments and more often than not remained at peace, no fighting, for years at a time.

Unfortunately, each time, while living and mixing with the idol-worshipers in their nation, the people soon began to feel so wonderful under their godless beach umbrellas in the desert that it was no longer necessary to maintain communication with the living God of Abraham.

So they began to turn to other gods and idol worship that offered more exciting and pleasurable worship methods all over again. Societies all became corrupt. Kings often were corrupt as well, requiring their subjects to worship other gods and idols.

Are Americans turning away from God today en masse? Think of all the examples of that today which are evident in the media and everywhere you turn.

Each time the people of Israel reached a level of disobedience that was intolerable to God; they were taken on a trip to the woodshed. God chose various ways to make the people stay on the right path but it would work only for a while, then fail.

Occasionally, punishment was by famine or pestilence. Other times He arranged for other countries to conquer Israel and make the people slaves for decades. All their possessions were confiscated leaving them nothing.

Here it comes…

It didn’t take Israel long to discover that, if they stuck to the Biblical rules and worshiped God only, that God would insure they won their battles even when far outnumbered and significantly unprepared.

After that, they maintained trust in God alone. But, it always happened that they would again fall into idolatry and worse, in large numbers. And they’d go through the same fall and rise process again-and again-and again.

How many times have you recognized in America the teeth of failure repeatedly threatening the stability of our nation, and then recover from the damage until the next time?

America hasn’t had the advantage yet of going through that same scenario in its extreme. But, we have been begging for it for quite a while. God in all probability is likely to treat us exactly like He did ancient Israel. He brought Israel back from extinction many times before, so why not America?

OH… yes. There are some very clear conditions to be met first, lest we forget.

Those conditions will probably require buying into certain beliefs and commitments by the majority of the population regarding religion, morality, beliefs, actions to be taken, and changes in the fabric of this country, for starters. You and I know what the chances of that happening are.

My assumption is, should these formidable changes be forthcoming, about half of the population in America will be insulted, offended, heartbroken, and extremely angry at those who would dare take away their pleasure palaces, unlimited personal rights, and determination to make their own rules regardless of who it affects.

Isn’t that somewhat like anarchy-and a bit like a president who has and intends to expand his power outside his constitutional duties regardless of the consequences?

Can you imagine America surviving without gay bars, abortion, entitlements, high taxes, over regulation, and the Electoral College?

Now I ask you, “Do you really and honestly believe that continually going on as we are today will lead to some profound miraculous changes that will somehow alter the fixed minds, outrageous beliefs, persistent greed, pervasive political corruption, embedded power and control by old boys clubs, and out of control morality issues?”

Are we now back to exactly where we started with no solutions about saving America? Things don’t just happen, as some believe. Fate is not a dependable friend. Hope is a transient dream, at least regarding America’s outcome. Isn’t trashing America the best place to start over again fresh?

The bottom line:

Perhaps, we are looking at the wrong approach altogether. Since America has no options left, at least that are reasonable and doable, our country is doomed to fail and should. It implies that our economy will become bankrupt in real terms, the government will collapse totally, and anarchy will prevail.

Is it even conceivable that one person will come up with the ultimate plan to bring America back to its original founding status? Probably not.

How about a group of our leaders creating such a plan? Probably not, but our liberal population believes they can, even without God’s help.

You can salute any flag you want to resolve this crisis, but the actions needed to prevent this catastrophe are far more fearful than the thought of America’s collapse and dismemberment.

Leaders and politicians have been tip-toeing along the high wire, arrogantly doing it without a net below. I’d like to know where they are getting their supernatural confidence from.

The majority of the population in America remains ignorant of consequences, intolerant of changes, and are not capable of recognizing the difference between the frying pan and the fire.

So between the two options regarding America’s survival and return to the stability created by our founding fathers, either we accomplish it by ourselves or rely on the help God offers (if we ask for it). Only one of these options has a predictable outcome and reliable results.

It’s not my idea where it all comes from. The truth can always be found in the Bible as many of you know, and yet you don’t seem to know how to make the right things happen.

The author, Curt Graham, is a recognized author and entrepreneur with a passion for bringing reality to unacceptable issues that demand attention, alternatives, and debate. His desire to make people think beyond the boundaries of usual thought is secondary only to his mission to reveal the consequences of having a fixed mind unable to benefit from experience, knowledge, and wisdom. Learn the secrets he writes about.–

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