Today’s USA – Getting Along

Christians and Jews share the Old Testament. We usually focus on our differences after the birth of Christ, however there is commonality in many respects today as the Old Testament prophecies may be coming into focus. I’m not a bible scholar, nor am I saying the end is near. What I see today is the effect of evil on our own soil, weather eccentrics, fire, disease, and greed like never before (except Rome).

One look at the Pro/Anti-Trump postings on Facebook, or the Nightly News shows everyone is getting more and more extreme in their opinions and actions. Who can blame them when faith in government and law enforcement seem to be getting weaker. Faith in God and the fair enforcement of our laws is the reason there is a USA. Many have died and continue to die for these ideals – soldiers, law enforcement, medicine, and others. Some of them ARE Muslim, or other religions. Some of them remain faithful to humanity in spite of the criticism and hate. They rise above it. How they do it with the constant flow from the greedy, ratings seeking media is amazing.

Many of our fellow Americans remain living in poverty than at almost any other time. Gangs exist because violence promotes pride in them. They see no way out (even though there are choices for them). Law Enforcement is now more like military duty in a hostile country, in addition to a full time job of keeping the peace. Innocent Black kids and Police Officers are being caught in the line of fire.

WE ARE ALL TO BLAME. A long time ago my mentor told me the first thing I would see while working with the poor is man’s inhumanity to man. In housing, we have spent billions of dollars only to warehouse human beings. Law Enforcement, Corrections Officers, Health Professionals, and Social Workers see this every day. Many of them go to work afraid that this could be their last day. Maybe after you make your first ten million, you are charged a special tax to build new towns with decent housing and jobs?

We are as strong as our weakest link. Our weakest link is getting weaker while too many of the strongest are greedy and the first to encourage finger pointing among the poor.

Keep up this hate and there will surely be a revolution. The result of our hate could be the USA becoming a decimated third world military country. Maybe the street wars will move to the suburbs when the cities are destroyed. The USA’s most affluent citizens may become homeless immigrants to other countries.

I know this sounds a little like Rod Serling – just take a look at Hiroshima, the Holocaust, and the street wars going on now – they would make good Twilight Zone episodes. It’s time to stop blaming a whole people or profession for the mistakes of a few. Wake up and support each other before it’s too late.

There is nothing in the dark that isn’t there when the lights are on – Rod Serling

No one says it better than God.

Lev.19:17 Let there be no hate in your heart for your brother; but you may make a protest to your neighbor, so that he may be stopped from doing evil.

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