Prophecy is a revelation of God’s will and designs in relation to man, and the government of the world.
Prophetic truths are presented in various forms, suited to the varied circumstances and conditions of those addressed. Prophecy may include doctrine, instruction, warning, entreaty, expostulation, or whatever Jehovah has been pleased to reveal to man.
But specially and principally, Prophecy is the foretelling of future events. It is a delineation of the fate of cities, nations, kingdoms, and empires ; sometimes with all the minuteness of historic record.
To reveal future events is solely the prerogative of Him who “sees the end from the beginning;” with whom all things are present—nothing past, nothing future.
God accomplishes his purposes through various media. Sometimes he ” makes the winds his messengers, and the lightnings his ministers;” the sea hears his voice, and executes his high behests ; the earthquake heaves the solid earth, and cities fall ; volcanoes belch forth their flames and fiery floods, and consternation and devastation are spread around. But man is the medium through whom God has been pleased to reveal the purposes of his will; and those through whom he thus communicates are called Prophets,
A Tree prophet is one who is under the directions of the Spirit of God. Without this Spirit he could as easily invade heaven and scale the throne of the Eternal,
as to lift the thick veil of futurity and unravel its dark Mysteries. Yet, aided by that Divine afflatus, he records with unerring precision the destinies of nations and kingdoms,even before they exist.
In his revealings he uses no mummeries—no incantations —no cabalistic signs—no mysterious knockings. He invokes not the aid of familiar spirits—neither does he pretend to read the destinies of men and nations by the
configurations of the heavenly orbs. He makes no pretensions to superior sagacity or foresight, nor to greater holiness.
Neither does he boast of the possession of intellectual powers and literary attainments higher than other men.
When God makes choice of men to fill the Prophetic and Apostolic offices, he passes by the reputed wise, learned and honorable among men, and chooses ” the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and the weak things of the world to confound the things that are mighty,” &c, and this he does “that no flesh should glory in his presence.”—1 Cor. i. 27-29.
A true Prophet faithfully reports or records what God has revealed to him while under the Devine influence. If the things come to pass which he has spoken in the name of the Lord, then we know assuredly that the Lord has
spoken by him.
Sometimes, when under the afflatus, the Prophet heard,as it were, the voice of God speaking to him, directing him what to do and what to say—as, “Thus saith the Lord ;” “The word of the Lord came unto me, saying.
“Sometimes in dreams and visions of the nignt, things and events were portrayed before them with all the minuteness and vividness of reality—a daguerreotype likeness of things before they transpire ; as, for instance,
the prophecies of Isaiah are represented as “visions of things which he saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem ;” also the vision which Peter, James and John saw on the mount of transfiguration, representative of the Glory
which Jesus and the saints will have in the future age; and also, the vision of things beyond the power of utterance,which Paul saw and heard in Paradise. &c.
Again, symbols arc sometimes employed to represent nations, kingdoms, empires, peoples, governments, powers —Heaven’s heraldic signs of things to come, represented by the sun, moon, stars, heavens, earth, seas, &c.
Sun, Moon, and Stars—Symbolic of kings, princes, and
The Heavens—Symbolic of the Political Constitution of a nation or kingdom. As the constitution of a nation is the basis of law and government, so the heavens are said to rule.
The Earth—Symbolic of the People upon whom these heavenly constellations shed their glory.
The Sea—The People in a state of agitation.
Earthquake—A Revolution—a change of Government—a turning of things upside down.
Wild Beasts—A roving, warlike power of a character and disposition akin to the representative beast
Wings—Speed. When attached to a beast, irresistible and rapid conquest. Sometimes they denote shelter and protection.
Darkening of Sun and Moon, and falling of Stars—The overthrow of thrones and princedoms, and the extinction of nobility, by reducing them to the level of the people.
The Rolling up the Heavens as a Scroll—The rolling up and laying aside of a parchment, upon which the constitution of a nation is engrossed, when no longer in use.
The passing away of the Heavens and the Earth with a great noise—Great debate, clamor, and uproar among the people, consequent upon the extinction of their constitution and the loss of their nationality.
New Heavens and New Earth—A new constitution and arrangement of things, which will effect a complete change in the character of the people.
Millennial Advocate.

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