ips For Self Publishing Your Book in Canada

So you wanna self-publish a volume. Get ready, it’s gonna be enjoyable. Alright, so you may or may not know that I chose to self-publish my volume, More Than Cashflow the Real danger and Rewards of Profitable Real Estate Investing. It was a wild ride and we’ve had a lot of enjoyable and taking it to number one on amazon.ca was quite a journeying and I’ve had a ton of questions from people looking for a little assistance to help them with their self-publishing journey.

The first thing you were supposed to figure out is why are you doing it because there are some really easy lanes to get a volume out there but that may not be the best lane for you to attain your objective and I’m not a ended expert on this subject but having are going through it, I’ve learned a few key readings and I reflected I’d share those with you starting with this video. Alright, so why, why are you self-publishing? For many people, it’s an eBook or a book volume that they want to use a business card, a marketing case. Perhaps they have telling gigs or have they have a boost at marketer things, buyers that the wanna open records to as a marketing case. That is a stupendous lane and the good news for you is that publishing a volume for those purposes these days is so easy so that’s the good news, okay? But the canal that you’re going to choose to do that is maybe going to be different than if your objective is to sell it online through a marketer like Amazon or if your goal is to perform that volume a bestseller on some bestseller list, your programme is gonna be different.

Now, I’m not gonna make you through all the different options for each of them because there are plenty but preventing it simple, if you exactly wanna do an eBook for your own roles, exactly initiate that sucker in a PDF, go on a great website announced fiverr.com F-I-V-E-R-R.com Hire person for five to 40 bucks to format it, make it ogle professional and made that happening on your website, okay? Now, I would still recommend you hire someone to revise it. If you don’t have some people in your business or in your household that are great at revising and catching typos and checking content because there’s nothing worse than creating a marketing case with typos but besides that, very simple, very straightforward.

Now, how you settle it on your website and how you distribute it, totally different subject for another era. Print is even still quite simple. Even for Canadians, you have a ton of options and there’s plenty of regional publish residences who are capable of do movements of records so if you wanna get 500 reproduced, hundreds of thousands of reproduced, the pricing is fairly competitive. If you exactly require one off publish, you’ll have to do it a little bit of browsing around but there still are some enormous publish an opportunity for that. I found one on Vancouver Island that would’ve been an option for me if my volume was simply a marketing case. Now, if you exactly want to sell your volume online, so you require it is accessible for people to purchase.

And again, you can choose an eBook itinerary and vanish Kindle for Amazon or iBooks for Apple although there’s a little ruse with Apple. You involve an EIN multitude because you have to make love through an American copy whereas through Amazon, there’s still some amusing American tax forms that you have to fill out but Amazon will actually defer your taxes for you and nurse it back and defer on your behalf.

Oh yeah, it’s good times as a Canadian. There’s a few little impediments you’ll have to overcome but overall, if you exactly wanna sell online, utilizing CreateSpace is a great choice. It is a very easy to use, very user friendly lane to get your volume onto Amazon and even it will help you create a Kindle version. I didn’t go that route for the Kindle version but I did actually write on CreateSpace exactly to test it out and you are able to line-up reproduces for yourself as well and it was quite a acceptable rate and enormous tone publish. I was very pleased with what I got out of there. So that’ll get you on Amazon. The objection is if you wanna do anything other than Amazon with CreateSpace, it’s gonna be trickier. While possible, it’s trickier, okay? I won’t go into all of that. It’s not the best choice. If you require the option of selling in Chapters, you want to get onto in some regional volume supermarkets and you want to have more of a reach than Amazon, i.e. you’re looking to perform that newborn a bestseller, you can focus on Amazon. That’s what I did.

At first, I got to be number 1 on amazon.ca by selling my volume merely in paperback and merely on Amazon and that kill the book up through some promotional nonsense which I’ll talk about in another video. That shot it up to number 1. But if you require bestseller overall in Canada then you’re gonna want to have as many channels as you are able to and in my case, I exactly wanted to perform the book as widely used as possible.

Writing my volume was pit, it has some sell and some get my appoint out there benefits. My goal was truly to contact a meaning to all real estate investors and a little bit to the publishing industry because they made me down. I had to self-publish because they didn’t think that the book I wanted to write was really going to be a marketable volume. They didn’t think there was a strong enough sell platform for it or for me so I kind of have a little part of that behind me extremely that I wanna sell the heck out of it to kind of attest a quality but I also genuinely wanna come that meaning out there so I moved with the option that was going to allow me to settle the book in as many residences as is practicable so I moved with Lightning Source and there’s still a great deal of impediments to go through and if that’s the itinerary you wanna vanish, plan to sign up for your Lightning Source account at least eight weeks before your volume is ready to go because it will take a while for it to get on your Canadian locates like Chapters and amazon.ca I’ll talk about that in another video but for now, should be considered whether you are want to self-publish because your alternatives, there’s lots of options in every itinerary and I’ve just plastered one or two but your alternatives change when you know exactly why you want to publish your book.

The excellent option for you is dependent on what you’re trying to do so hope that helps you navigate a few things. If you have a specific question, I’m happy to shoot more videos and help you out so go ahead and upright a comment on this. If you’re watching it on juliebroad.com, go ahead, upright specific comments here otherwise if you’re watching on YouTube, open it a like. Starts my era. Thumbs up if you require more videos like this.

Those thumbs up inspire me to keep going but you are eligible to write your questions and mentions below this video and I’ll “il do my best” to assist you out.