Practice of the Presence of God

The Practice of the Presence of God – Preface


Brother Lawrence (born Nicholas Herman), was a 17th-century Carmelites monk.
This is a compilation of his letters and recorded conversations kept by Brother Lawrence’s disciple. The gist of it? Simply to learn to discipline ourselves and develop the awareness of the presence of God. It is a discipline to learn to live in the spirit.

What Brother Lawrence has achieved should be the aim of everyone professing to be Christian. It is my desire to see everyone reading this little book that has actually changed my life in more ways than one. While it was difficult to maintain the discipline of practicing His presence on a daily basis, I persevered. There were days where I actually forgot because I was too busy, but I would pick up where I left off simply because I knew in my heart, that practicing His presence could not be a waste of time. It took me almost two years, and then finally God met me and rewarded my insistence.

The reality is that, you don’t have to be a monk to practice His presence moment by moment. My hope in putting this Kindle E-book together for you, is that no one would have an excuse and would take advantage of the opportunity to practice His presence. Life is short, so please do not put off this practice. Honor God by at least trying. Ask Him to give you the strength to keep at it, so you too can practice constantly His presence.

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