The BEST Way To Get Amazon Reviews (Honest & 100% Amazon Compliant)

Hi everyone this is Stefan from In this video I’m going to answer a really common question that I get from a lot of Kindle publishers and Amazon sellers which is, what is the best channel to get Amazon re-examines for my work or my make on Amazon? When it comes to Amazon refreshes, I speculate a lot vendors on Amazon, a lot of publishers, they are often looking for a loophole. They are seeming for some sort of a strategy or secret formula or technique and people ask me this all the time, what’s the best way to get the examinations and often … Because they are looking for some sort of secret formula that can only grant them to get a lot of re-examines for their work or their make on Amazon.

There are a lot of loopholes and things out there that you are able to do to employ Amazon, but you have to understand that Amazon has the review guidelines. I recommend that every marketer on Amazon, every publisher, you familiarize yourself with Amazon’s review guidelines, because Amazon set these guidelines together because they want to make sure that reviews on their website are legitimate, they are honest. They are reviews that customers can trust.

They want to protect the reputation of Amazon. If you are exploring some sort of strategy, it might work in the short-term, but long-term it’s not going to last-place. Those re-examines are just going to get deleted which is something I’ve seen happen time and time again with my times of selling on Amazon. What I often recommend for people and what I focus on most today are the long-term strategies. The strategies that are sustainable for getting the examinations and building up the success of your make or your work or whatever “its on” Amazon. Trust me, I’ve tried a lot of different things out there throughout the years. I’ve been selling on Kindle, on Amazon for several years now and I’ve seen time and time again the mistakes that other publishers construct, other vendors make.

I’ve made some of those missteps myself. Some people, they go as far as buying reviews off Fiverr and of direction Amazon had the whole occasion where they started suing people “thats been” doing that. I want to make sure that when I help people, when I school them, I’m schooling them the long-term strategies. Often at times, the long-term strategies, the truth of how to get Amazon re-examines is something that most people don’t want to hear. Most people don’t want to except the continued existence of the channel that Amazon actually wants publishers and vendors to get re-examines. They don’t want to buy into that because it’s more drive or they don’t want to throw in the time or international efforts or the money or whatever it to be able to do that. The actuality is that there’s exclusively one sustainable long-term channel of getting re-examines for a make and having it be successful. I’m going to share with you guys what I believe that is in this video.

Before I go into the best channel to get re-examines, it’s really important to understand Amazon. Amazon is this big multi-billion dollar firm. They have millions and millions of purchasers. The success of Amazon and one of the key selling boasts are refreshes where the customers have the ability to leave the reviews and their conceives on certain products and notebooks. One of the challenges that Amazon has are forge re-examines. People ought to have trying to figure out the resources necessary to employ Amazon and all that sort of occasion and Amazon doesn’t like that, because it’s going to affect their legitimacy and the reputation of their website. They have a whole team devote to becoming sure they put a stop to that, deleting reviews and some people exit channel too far and influencing Amazon. They might even take activity against you, action at law, discontinue your history or whatever it is.

What does Amazon want? Amazon is a business, they want to construct more money, they want to attract more customers to their scaffold. They provide you this amazing opportunity for people like you and I to be able to sell on Amazon. Anybody can sell on Amazon , no matter where you are in “the worlds”. You don’t even requirement money to sell on Amazon, it’s free. You can sign up for a Kindle Direct Publishing account, Amazon Seller account, anybody can sell on Amazon. Amazon has given us this incredible opportunity to sell on their scaffold for free to leverage their label, their purchasers, their reputation, their remittance process, their search engine that they have, their purchaser support team, capacities necessary to refund, they actually do so much for us a lot of people take for granted. They provide this opportunity to people like you and I to sell on their website, because they want you and people like you and I to write and sell makes on their website. Then going to be okay and promote our makes. Promote our work, promote our make, on Facebook, on social media, on a blog, tell our friends about it, on YouTube, on a podcast, all over the internet.

They want us to basically going to be okay and sell and promote our make. When we go out there and sell and promote our work or make, we are sending potential a user to Amazon to go and buy our make. When people come to Amazon to buy your work or your make, they are either going to sign up for an Amazon’s history, which is something that Amazon passions, they want that. It’s going to build Amazon and it’s also going to … They are your purchasers, but Amazon actually witnesses people as their purchasers on the website. That’s what they want.

They want you to go out there and promote your make. Now, the challenge is, is that most vendors on Amazon or on Kindle, they basically try to get all their income from their work or their make from the Amazon search. That’s a great way to construct lots of money from Amazon, but I believe that that’s not a good long-term strategy, because when you are competing and exclusively getting your sales or your make from Amazon search for certain keywords , now you are competing with every other make on Amazon. Then of course the customers are going to compare your make to other products in the search results based on the re-examines. To have long-term success, basically the secret to get the best Amazon reviews that are out there is what authors and vendors in Amazon have been doing since the beginning of Amazon, okay, which is no secret, who the hell is marketing your work, market your product.

Again, I know a lot of people don’t want to hear that. They are looking for that formula, that secret, the magic capsule, the quick fix, the shortcut, the loophole that they are going to only do and go out there and get a lot of re-examines. It’s important to be aware of Amazon’s guidelines. If you do that or if you are doing that, understand that there’s potential risks, its consideration of the report might get deleted, there’s repercussions to that, but what it comes down to people is just to foster and market your make. Writing a good make on Amazon, a great work, a great make and then going out there and promoting it and marketing it, becoming an internet marketer , is not simply a Kindle publisher , not just an Amazon seller.

If your identity in this business is just a Kindle publisher, only an author, only an Amazon seller, you are going to lose. You are not going to have success long-term. You have to become an internet marketer, an online marketer. An internet marketer has the ability to sell anything online. Has the ability to attract people, drive commerce, potential a user to any passed make on the internet. There are so many modes that are out there online today that you are able to learn and utilize to promote your make on Amazon. There’s Facebook, Facebook has their organic ability to reach people through Facebook pages as well as Facebook ads. Instagram as well as organic and Instagram ads, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest. There’s different message committees and gatherings out there. There’s blogs, you can create your own blog, you can promote on other people’s blogs, you are able to is introduced into so many different directory websites, Medium, KORA, Life Hack, Elite Daily and so many different websites where you can publish content and then drive that commerce and promote back to your work on Amazon.

There’s YouTube, there’s podcasting, there’s doorways YouTube there’s podcasting there’s so many different platforms that are available, but again, most vendors, most publishers, they are only look at the Amazon search. They only want to stay on Amazon and not put in the work to actually promote and sell your make. When you do that and you promote and sell your make, which again is what authors and publishers have been doing since the beginning of Amazon. It’s what Amazon wants you to do. If you send people to your make, to your work and your work is good, your make is good and you just have a basic follow-up, maybe in the book “that youre gonna” selling you have a associate halfway through the book and at the end of the book say about, “Hey, if you are enjoying this work or this make, click here to leave a review on Amazon.” Just have that link to have a call to action for people to go and leave a review.

By doing that, you are going to increase your chances of getting re-examines. Even Amazon, they follow-up with your both consumers and they send them an email asking them to leave a review for your work or your make. Understanding that that’s what Amazon wants, that’s really the goals and targets of Amazon. They have all these guidelines in place, because they want re-examines to happen organically, naturally. They only want basically makes that are good to get honest the examinations and people share that, this is a good make. Products that are bad, they want people to share their thoughts and if it’s a bad make then leave bad re-examines on it. Now, I believe that all re-examines are good because every re-examine good or bad is feedback.

You can learn from that. You can use that as an opportunity to improve your work, to improve your make to make it better and more efficient. You want to welcome all re-examines, good or bad. Just like you are watching this YouTube video right now, if you like it, reached the like button, if you don’t like it, I want you to click on the dislike button, because that’s valuable feedback to me. Genuinely I want you and someone else watching this to engage in some way , not just to sit there and be passive, but I want to evoke something within you to take action. That’s what you want to likewise do with your work and your make on Amazon. I wish I had some secret formula for you guys, there are some strategies that I school and utilize and I focus in my K Money Mastery direction which is on Kindle publishing. I’ve gone into a totally different direction where I share and aid publishers , not just be a publisher, but be an internet marketer. I share my strategies on YouTube, on Instagram, on Facebook, blogging strategies, only posting strategies, content market strategies, all these different strategies to help authors and publishers to be able to promote their notebooks better.

Again, it’s not happens now overnight. It’s not like you could just instantly get certain number of re-examines. It’s going to happen over duration, but the great occasion is that when you focus on the long-term like that and you build these systems, they are ever light-green new sources of commerce. I have certain notebooks and makes and so I have certain notebooks and makes on Amazon that continue selling, because I have content on the internet. I’ve got relates and resources online that funnel into my work and my make. Every single week and every single month, I’ve got sales coming in from that. It took me time to build that. It took me time to build a Facebook presence online. It took me time to build that email index. It took me time to do all these things, but you’ve got duration on your area guys. You don’t is a requirement to get rich quick-witted. Take your time, build the systems. Focus on the long-term. Construct a label. A label will give you the ability to build a relationship with people, to attract people, to have a index, have a following, an audience online.

Whenever you launch an new make or new notebooks, you are going to easily be able to have people that are going to be raving fan, people to go and buy that. Perfect company of this is Apple. Every time Apple releases a new watch or a new iPhone, whatever “its by”, they have people that are lining up outside the store for a period only to get their hands on that make. That’s how raving fan customers and the rapport and the appreciate that they have of what they’ve been able to constructed. Focus on the long-term people. Build the systems in your business, sell your make. That’s really what it comes down to is, sell your make to the best of your ability and ask for the review in your work, in your make in your follow-up.

That’s the best way of moving about it. That’s the best way to get reviews that again are a long-term, they are sustainable, they are not going to disappear. Amazon is going to love you for it. They are going to wage you for it. They are proceeding to grade you better for it. You are not going to worry about losing the reviews and pissing off Amazon and all the unfortunate things that can go along with that. You are going to be further ahead than everybody else. You are not going to have to worry about rivalry. Your rivalry is going to have to worry about you. That’s the position that you want to be in. That’s how you build a successful business, a long-term business is focus on the long-term, don’t worry about the short-term.

There’s always going to be people out there that are go looking for the latest shortcut and substance. They may make a lot of money in the short-term, but it’s not going to last-place. I’ve seen so many publishers and vendors that construct some money for a month or two and then it’s gone. You want to build an income brook that will be around for five and 10 times, 20 times from now that will continue to be able to provide passive income for you. That’s the best way to get Amazon refreshes. To summarize, basically when you written your make, sell the hell out of it and then likewise ask for its consideration of the report. That’s the best channel. Focus on that. Everything else to that is going to be secondary. If you guys want to know more about Kindle publishing, online publishing, some of the other strategies that I have, that I school and focus on. I’ve got a great online training program called K Money Mastery,

Head on over there. It’s a reasonably priced online training program. It has helped thousands of hundreds of people be able to make money online with Kindle publishing, only by doing a lot of your strategies that I’m sharing with you. Check that program out if you want to know more about how to publish online, sell and learn the marketing strategies that I focus on, but that’s it for this video people. Hopefully you guys enjoyed it. Hopefully I was able to influence you for the greater good were concentrated in getting honest review as well then followed with Amazon. That’s it for this video. Make sure to like this video if you enjoy it. I’ll talk to you guys again soon. Take care. Hey, this is Stefan and thank you so much for watching this video. If you enjoy this, then please hit the like button below leave with a comment to let us know what you think and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great videos like this.

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