Success With Small Percentages – Financial Inspiration

Now what if I told you that for every 100 things you did, only two of them would be a success. I probably do not have your attention anymore and there is no inspiration, why should you even continue to read this article. Failure is the part of life that has no glory, success on the other hand provides people with money, satisfaction and further inspiration.

If you could only succeed 2% of the time, this could actually be enough to create a financial empire beyond anything you could have ever possibly dreamed of. Now do I got your attention again. Let me give you an example of what I'm talking about.

You start with something that's not expensive or complicated and most people can obtain the knowledge easily. You become a real estate agent and for every 100 people that you meet with, you sell two homes. Each one of these homes is worth $ 500,000 and you get a 3% sales commission. That's $ 15,000 each, is this going to inspire you to find your next 100 people or even figure out a way to increase the percentage from 2% to 4%. Sometimes small percentages can lead to big profits.

Would you try to sell homes that were worth more money. 3% sales commission on a $ 2 million house would be $ 60,000. You've just quadrupled your income. Now were getting somewhere with a small percentages.

Success every once in a while, comes in large numbers, large percentages with unbelievable inventories, but sometimes we have to make our way through the tough times with low percentages and small inventories. If you are writing books, and came up with one best-selling book from your first 50 books written, this could provide you with millions of dollars in income for the rest of your life.

The problem was small percentages, is that it takes too much effort to become successful. Most people want success, fast, when they write their first book or meet their first client looking for a home, they can become discouraged and never attempt to try again. Do not let this happen to you, keep pursuing your passion and reap the rewards.

Source by Gregory Vanden Berge

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