Concerning the nature and extent of Christian devotion. 

DEVOTION is neither private nor public prayer; but prayers, whether private or public, are particular parts or instances of devotion. Devotion signifies a life given, or devoted, to God. He, therefore, is the devout man, who lives no longer to his own will, or the way and spirit of the world, but to the sole will of God, who considers God in everything, who serves God in everything, who makes all the parts of his common life parts of piety, by doing everything in the Name of God, and under such rules as are conformable to His glory. We readily acknowledge, that God alone is to be the rule and measure of our prayers; that in them we are to look wholly unto Him, and act wholly for Him; that we are only to pray in such a manner, for such things, and such ends, as are suitable to His glory.Now let any one but find out the reason why he is to be thus strictly pious in his prayers, and he will find the same as strong a reason to be as strictly pious in all the other parts of his life. For there is not the least shadow of a reason why we should make God the rule and measure of our prayers; why we should then look wholly unto Him, and pray according to His will; but what equally proves it necessary for us to look wholly unto God, and make Him the rule and measure of all the other actions of our life. For any ways of life, any employment of our talents, whether of our parts, our time, or money, that is not strictly according to the will of God, that is not for such ends as are suitable to His glory, are as great absurdities and failings, as prayers that are not according to the will of God. For there is no other reason why our prayers should be according to the will of God, why they should have nothing in them but what is wise, and holy, and heavenly; there is no other reason for this, but that our lives may be of the same nature, full of the same wisdom, holiness, and heavenly tempers, that we may live unto God in the same spirit that we pray unto Him.Were it not our strict duty to live by reason, to devote all the actions of our lives to God, were it not absolutely necessary to walk before Him in wisdom and holiness and all heavenly conversation, doing everything in His Name, and for His glory, there would be no excellency or wisdom in the most heavenly prayers. No, such prayers would be absurdities; they would be like prayers for wings, when it was no part of our duty to fly. As sure, therefore, as there is any wisdom in praying for the Spirit of God, so sure is it, that we are to make that Spirit the rule of all our actions; as sure as it is our duty to look wholly unto God in our prayers, so sure is it that it is our duty to live wholly unto God in our lives.But we can no more be said to live unto God, unless we live unto Him in all the ordinary actions of our life, unless He be the rule and measure of all our ways, than we can be said to pray unto God, unless our prayers look wholly unto Him. So that unreasonable and absurd ways of life, whether in labor or diversion, whether they consume our time, or our money, are like unreasonable and absurd prayers, and are as truly an offense unto God. It is for lack of knowing, or at least considering this, that we see such a mixture of ridicule in the lives of many people. You see them strict as to some times and places of devotion, but when the service of the Church is over, they are but like those that seldom or never come there. 



In their way of life, their manner of spending their time and money, in their cares and fears, in their pleasures and indulgences, in their labor and diversions, they are like the rest of the world. This makes the loose part of the world generally make a jest of those that are devout, because they see their devotion goes no farther than their prayers, and that when they are over, they live no more unto God, until the time of prayer returns again; but live by the same pleasure and fancy, and in as full an enjoyment of all the follies of life as other people. This is the reason why they are the jest and scorn of careless and worldly people; not because they are really devoted to God, but because they appear to have no other devotion but that of occasional prayers……..Let any one therefore think how easily he could confute a man that pretended to great strictness of life without prayer, and the same arguments will as plainly confute another, that pretends to strictness of prayer, without carrying the same strictness into every other part of life. For to be weak and foolish in spending our time and fortune, is no greater a mistake, than to be weak and foolish in relation to our prayers. And to allow ourselves in any ways of life that neither are, nor can be offered to God, is the same irreligion, as to neglect our prayers, or use them in such a manner as make them an offering unworthy of God. The short of the matter is this; either reason and religion prescribe rules and ends to all the ordinary actions of our life, or they do not–if they do, then it is as necessary to govern all our actions by those rules, as it is necessary to worship God. For if religion teaches us anything concerning eating and drinking, or spending our time and money; if it teaches us how we are to use and disdain the world; if it tells us what tempers we are to have in common life, how we are to be disposed towards all people; how we are to behave towards the sick, the poor, the old, the destitute; if it tells us whom we are to treat with a particular love, whom we are to regard with a particular esteem; if it tells us how we are to treat our enemies, and how we are to mortify and deny ourselves; he must be very weak that can think these parts of religion are not to be observed with as much exactness, as any doctrines that relate to prayers……..


So that Christianity is so far from leaving us to live in the common ways of life, conforming to the folly of customs, and gratifying the passions and tempers which the spirit of the world delights in, it is so far from indulging us in any of these things, that all its virtues which it makes necessary to salvation are only so many ways of living above and contrary to the world, in all the common actions of our life. 



If our common life is not a common course of humility, self-denial, renunciation of the world, poverty of spirit, and heavenly affection, we do not live the lives of Christians. But yet though it is thus plain that this, and this alone, is Christianity–a uniform, open, and visible practice of all these virtues, yet it is as plain, that there is little or nothing of this to be found, even among the better sort of people. You see them often at Church, and pleased with fine preachers–but look into their lives, and you see them just the same sort of people as others are, that make no pretenses to devotion. The difference that you find between them, is only the difference of their natural tempers. They have the same taste of the world, the same worldly cares, and fears, and joys; they have the same turn of mind, equally vain in their desires. You see the same fondness for state and equipage, the same pride and vanity of dress, the same self-love and indulgence, the same foolish friendships, and groundless hatreds, the same levity of mind, and trifling spirit, the same fondness for diversions, the same idle dispositions, and vain ways of spending their time in visiting and conversation, as the rest of the world, that make no pretenses to devotion.


We got to make sure our devotion time with God is not tedious or something we do out of duty. At the same time, we ought to do it daily. It is strange to say what I am about to say but, it is not normal to not want to spend time with God daily yet it is normal that we do not feel like it because most of the time, life sucks.  If we were to live this life on the mountain with Him all the time, things would be easy. But, God does not want us to be on the mountain with Him all the time because He is able to work in us and through us, through our trials, hardships and adversity. God appreciate it so much more and He is glorified, when we do not feel like worshiping, we do not feel like opening our Bible, yet, in our hearts we know that He deserves our time, our surrender, our reverence and all that we are, as such, we muster the strength in our heart to simply sit down and be with Him.


    • I find that it helps me a great deal if I put Christian music on in the background to help me. Most of the time, I use the type of music that fits my mood and what I am going through with Him. Not only I am strengthen, but it is a reminder of the importance of walking the walk, without fainting. It is a reminder that I must walk by faith not by sight. It is a reminder that I am not above my Lord and Savior when you consider how His life sucked too when He was on earth. It is also a reminder that I must give my all to this life He calls me to, even when I have no idea how to take the next step forward and I completely do not understand the process He is taking me through.
    • I usually go with a short prayer and worship for God to help me reach His heart today and take all that I need to be in His will as I go through the day. I thank Him for all my blessings and the fact that I see a new day. Praise Him for who He is and all that He is doing in my life and my family. I always ask for wisdom, a heart fill with love toward Him, a reverend heart that would fear Him and keep me in His way. I always ask Him to teach me how to delight His heart in the same way that Noah did in Genesis 8:20-21. Somehow, I always have a desire to recreate this burnt offering that has caused Him so much delight. Of course, today’s burnt offering is my life, my love for Him, dependence on Him, my heart’s motivation,  my attitude and disposition toward Him and above all else the willingness to give Him all that I am through a surrendered life of faith in Him.  I  also ask Him to study with me, stay with me, teach me and to also open my spiritual heart to His word so that I can hear and take in what I am being taught by the Spirit of God.  ——— I must say, some days, things are so bad, all I can do during my short prayer time is to sit quietly in His presence and sometimes I beg Him to heal my heart. (times like when my son was told about his brain cancer three times within 2 years. 
    • Devotion books. I usually read one or two or three depending on time and appetites as well. I use devotionals that teaches me how to grow spiritually. I also meditates on what I just read to find out through the Spirit of God what I must take an apply in my life as I walk with Him. Some devotionals are self explanatory. So, if I feel I am not there spiritually speaking, I ask God to convict my heart and teach me how to repent of my laziness, ignorance or lack of understanding that has caused me not to be where I should be with Him on certain issues or doctrines.
    • Then, I open my Bible and continue my study. Now,the first few years of my walk with Him,
    • Bible study was about following a program. But, over time, the Spirit of God taught me to slow down to pay attention to Him instead, as I read. So, He taught me to meditate on His word to find out what they mean for my life and how to take them into my heart. It is an awesome time because it’s a two way communication. So, some days I hardly go through one or two verses because He expands on His word so much and teach me so much that I need Him to enlarge my heart to take it all in.  Sometimes, I am able to read a few chapters with Him as He opens my spiritual understanding. And yes, sometimes,nothing spiritual happens. But, I am always questioning, what His words means because as we read we should be convicted, we should learn and be corrected in our walk and life with Him.
    • PRAYER TIME. Your prayer time is a non negotiable with God. Prayer time is never lost time because you not only become a blessing to others, you are also blessed because God will raise up people to pray for you too and along with your family, when you are in need. You are blessed through prayers because it is like being enlisted in the spiritual war that is going on and before you know it, you find that you are His trusted warrior. So, you basically join His cause through your prayers. You should have a list of people that God has entrusted to you to pray for.  You should have a list of people in your family that you need to pay for. You pray for their health, marriage, salvation, finances, job,etc.  You should have a list of people that you know who are going through some hardships and they requested that you pray for them.  You should pray for the affairs of the world that God would interfere and bring justice to those that have been denied justice. You pray for children without parents to care for them, you pray for hunger in the world, you pray for those in jail, those who are crippled by hunger. You should pray for those evil men all over the world who prey on innocent children. Pray for children who are crying because they have no food in their tummies and cannot sleep. You should pray for the leaders of the world and pray for your church, the pastors, the new converts, those who are not being touched by the gospel even though they are in the church….. I could go on with idea of why you need to be constantly in prayer. Your prayer time should not be about “Me Myself and I”. God give me, give me, give me, give me, give me. He is not a Jinny in a bottle you found, but a loving father who wants to draw close to you and commune with you.


  • Journaling is important because it allows us to revisit the time we had with Him. I am amazed at things that happened to me eight, ten years before. Sometimes I forget things that he revealed to me in the past. All in all, journaling allow us to stay on track and encourage us. If you are like me and you do not like to formally  journal, keep a binder dedicated for your devotion time, handy and write as much or as little as you want. NO PRESSURE.


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