Podcasting 101: From Setup to Publish in 10 mins

hey everybody today I’m gonna take you inside my podcasting setup first of all you’re gonna need a microphone a resound recorder a computer or a laptop and then a smartphone or a tablet and that duty is optional the first occasion that we’re gonna do is we’re gonna plug a cord from the microphone into the resound recorder be sure to use a high quality cable when I employed a cheap one one time I was able to hear the radio and another time I was able to hear the electrical current in the walls when the court was too close to the wall the second thing that i’m gonna do is plug an audio cable to go from the headphone jack in my computer over to the sound recorder now what I use that for is when I wanna do a Skype interview I simply call the person up on skype you Skype totally normally and with that cord going from the headphone jack into the resound recorder that audio from Skype is piped a travel into their and I’m set to go I don’t have to do anything no special software simply use Skype usually in your hear the views through the resound recorder now it’s important that you do it this route and not use software on personal computers to register your Skype calls because everyone has had I crash have a computer program or a gate-crash at the computer itself it happens all the time and so how embarrassing is it is about to be when you get an industry professional an author someone important on your podcast you do the whole podcast interrogation then you go back to your your recording in who ups it didn’t work their recording didn’t work their program crash exertion through whatever don’t mess with that to bounce a key people and blogger from personal computers and your resound recorder and then I’m I have headphones on the whole day on podcasting if anything is incorrect with the resound quality I know it instantly and I can address it right during the course of its interrogation fix it right then and then no third part above the above the setup here is I get a smartphone or a tablet and I load on app called a sound card ap and man I can put on my intro music if I have listener inquiries that people called in my voicemail I can simply load it all right there and all I gotta do when I start my podcast is a this is the improved photography podcast escapade numeral fifty tap that button on their on the resound card and it’s playing and i cant gradually faded out and that sound is just gonna fade away well I’m talkin to you I can talk over it I can do everything I require right from the resound card now if you don’t have a smartphone or tablet that’s fine you can t do the same occasion but displaying the clip on your computer cuz we’re fastened in that route I simply find this to be a little bit more convenient so we’ve recorded we got everything scheduled and into the into the resound recorder and now when I’m does so with the my podcast escapade I simply hit stop and now we’re ready that we have we have our audio file right on the remembrance card adj take it out lay in personal computers delivery over the file and then we’re ready to post-process the escapade and publish when I register an escapade I require as right as is practicable in the resound recorder so that I can get the memory card stay it in personal computers and I’m just about ready to publish but there’s one final step that I do that really helps the audio quality and doesn’t take too long I’m not the guy who sits here for the purposes of an hour at editing a one-hour escapade to the podcast I wanted to go very rapidly so that I can raise more content and if you get it right here you don’t need to do all kinda audio sweetening and editing and stuff to bounce it you can hear this audio quality audio quality is very good so this is what I do firstly when I’m recording I watch my degrees on the resound recorder and I make sure that my publication is extending up all about two-thirds three-quarters the route up if it goes to my we’ve heard it then it was able to clip or fake talk really softly then people may not be able to hear what i’m saying so what I’m gonna do is I wanna record a ten-second audio clip with all kinds of problems and you’ll discover what we can mend right now there’s personal computers follower on and I’m going to enhance it with a little newspaper i right here so I’m going to talk for 10 seconds at a normal stage and then I’m a retard and then I’m not talking really calmly discover can just hear my voice and all the time this document is moving and now I’m gonna talk really loud without the working paper and now I’m gonna talk really calmly without the working paper are right we’ve got that audio clip now what I do is a mere take that audio clip and I’m gonna go to new product on are phonic dot com and I’m going to upload my audio and I simply keep the defaults they they really work just fine I’ll simply use my file and bring in an I don’t worry about that the day the um id3 tags all I wanna do is I wanna production my file as in mp3 and we’re going to n you can determine your bit proportion never occasion time for me the default works just fine and then we’re going to publish with these algorithms referred the loudness normalization for the thunderous and soft adaptive leveller the filtering and then if there’s a lotta noise in the background or click the noise in harm reduction but I don’t do it normally because usually there’s not the Mike simply picks up me and then I simply click start product so this is what the original clip dins like so I’m going to talk for 10 seconds at a normal stage and then I’m a retard and then I’m not talking really calmly discover can just hear my voice and all the time this document is moving and now I’m gonna talk really loud without the working paper and now I’m gonna talk really calmly without the working paper and this is what that same clip dins like after the processing so I’m going to talk for 10 seconds at a normal stage and then I’m a top 100 and then I’m not talking really calmly discover can just hear my voice and all the time this document is moving and now I’m gonna talk really loud without the working paper and now I’m gonna talk really calmly without the working paper so basically what I require “youve got to” get from that proof is home porn it is to take you know 30 extra seconds very quick to run the audio through of% ah Nick before you reach publish you’re going to get good quality out at the resound recorder but if your guest is on skype they may be quieter than you they may have a little harm in the background from my computer follower maybe some noise on the line and some your natural voice intonation is gonna get louder and quieter depending on how excited you are and so it’s important to simply quick buzz it reaps phonic and thats all the post-production that you really need to do to your escapade now it’s time to publisher so we recorded our escapade and we’ve pose for processed it very rapidly to clang perfectly now let’s get this file written first of all let’s talk about how r a podcast actually works you have a picture n you wanna give it to a reader hopefully a whole lot of subscribers so to get it to them you’re gonna need some kind of process will that process is called and RSS feed an RSS feed specific to podcasting this is what an RSS feed actually examines like but don’t worry who on actually have to touch the code person you have you who develops the RSS feed and then that subscribe to through their designs on iTunes in any other duty captivate but there’s another component to this system and that is the media emcee you don’t wanna simply put on your mp3 file straight on your website your web emcee would freak out and most of them don’t allow that that’s media hosting not website hosting so you’re gonna need something like lipson for my recommendation remember go to incomes refrigerate dot com flog podcast gear for all these connects and they’re gonna actually host your mp3 files now what a lot of media pony wishes to do is also take care the RSS feed for you make it for you do not accepted this offer because what happens then is if they have the mp3′ s and the RSS feed and somebody’s wished to accede to you know media emcee dot com is where their actual RSS feed is that these people are wished to accede to what happens when you wanna switch media hosting business well you can’t really because they are holding all your subscribers they harbour your rss feed never tell anyone on your subscribers even if it’s a reputable company do not enabling it you may wanna switch down the road and you won’t be able to so we’re gonna separated out on lipson all we’re gonna do is upload the file as a download simply we’re not gonna have them establish their RSS feed the RSS feed is gonna collect established on are own website like here on improve photography dot com I’ve gone into plugins add new and examined for ability press it’s a great plugin for on for inducing your RSS feed so you don’t have to touch that code and it’s a free plugin to so we have that plugin installed on our term Press website and now when we want we need to get the specifies setup so we’re gonna go to ability press and our specifies now to see all of the specifies exactly how I have it now how I have the info typed in for my picture go to income academy dot com slash ability press specifies and I have screenshots thereof exactly how I have it put up you’ll require your artwork that intends the painting for your wet for your podcast to be at least 1400 pixels by 1400 pixels so that you can show up on the new in New wondering where the section of iTunes that’s their requirement so now we have our RSS feed established and we’re gonna go to lipson an uploader a file for download simply and we’re gonna grab the actual download connection and imitate it now we’re gonna go back to our website and create a new post we’re gonna type a title for this escapade type-r picture memo how we want them and then we’re just gonna serenity this file for download here and click Verify if it’s evidencing an misstep just wait a minute it’ll typically work in a few seconds and then type your description you can also said if your podcast is cleanser explicit I ever determine excavation to clean even though technically you don’t need to set it unless some other episodes do use bad speech and then when I click Publish my escapade has extended live to the world and all I have to do is go to and iTunes and search for the podcast in the store and it’ll be there now to submit your podcast to the store all you have to do is just google submit podcast iTunes and you find Ubuntu tutorials it’s really simple to do thanks for connecting me now come to income academy dot com and I’ll show you more assets on how to rank high on iTunes how to get your picture resounding professional with good audio and theme music where to find it all that kinda stuff income academy dot com flog podcast gear ca: