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PATRIOTISM Defined By Lyman Abbott (March 8, 1916)

Lyman Abbott was an American Congregationalist theologian, editor, and author.
Lyman Abbott. (March 8, 1916)

Hi there, I found this definition for  ‘patriotism’ written by one of the greatest American, and I find it so fitting to share it with all, in lieu of the events that have started the beginning of the end of America. Cheers,


A NATION is made great, not by its fruitful acres, but by the men who cultivate them; not by its great forests, but by the men who use them; not by its mines, but by the men who work in them; not by its railways, but by the men who build and run them. America was a great land when Columbus discovered it; Americans have made of it a great Nation.

In 1776 our fathers had a vision of a new Nation ‘‘conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” Without an army they fought the greatest of existing world empires that they might realize this vision.  A third of a century later, without a navy they fought the greatest navy in the world that they might win for their Nation the freedom of the seas. Half a century later they fought through an unparalleled Civil War that they might establish for all time on this continent the inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  A third of a century later they fought to emancipate an oppressed neighbor, and, victory won, gave back Cuba to the Cubans, sent an army of schoolmasters to educate for liberty the Filipinos, asked no war indemnity from their vanquished enemy, but paid him liberally for his property. Meanwhile they offered land freely to any farmer who would live upon and cultivate it, opened to foreign immigrants on equal terms the door of industrial opportunity, shared with them political equality, and provided by universal taxation for universal education.

The cynic who can see in this history only a theme for his egotistical satire is no true American, whatever his parentages, whatever his birthplace. He who looks with pride upon this history which his fathers have written by their heroic deeds, who accepts with gratitude the inheritance which they have bequeathed to him, and who highly resolves to preserve this inheritance unimpaired and to pass it on to his descendants enlarged and enriched, is a true American, be his birthplace or his parentage what it may.


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