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The Amazon Kindle is one of many new digital ways of reading books. Originally we read off of stone walls and that ever evolved into paper. It was just a matter of time before paper books evolved into a digital means and that time is here. This article will provide a review on the Kindle.

If you're not familiar with the Amazon Kindle, it's a digital ebook. On this ebook, users can read anything from magazines to entire books just by simply downloading the content to the reader. This originated in 2007, but now in 2010 there have been changes and they have it down right.

The kindle is extremely easy to use. Amazon has a network in which a huge selection of books, magazines and newspapers can be downloaded from. Each book will vary in price, but since there's no paper, it's much less expensive than a paper version. Amazon does not charge the user for the download either. The download takes place immediately, so you can have any book at the touch of a button.

You're probably wondering if there are enough books to choose from. Well, Amazon has a selection of over 600,000 books on the kindle. You'll find anything from classic books to best sellers all at discounted rates. If you're an avid reader, you'll end up saving money over time. Some of the classics are even free at times!

The newest Kindle (DX) can store over 3,000 books. This means, you can have 3,000 books on you at one time. There's a reason they've sold over 3 million of them! People love the convenience and quality!

You're probably wondering how much this gadget cost! The newest model, the Kindle DX can be purchased for $ 379. However, there's a less expensive option which is the Kindle 2 ($ 189).

You can also find less expensive options on Amazon that are second hand Kindle's. You'll end up saving a lot and it's almost the same thing as buying used books!

There are other companies that have come out with similar products, such as the Apple Ipad. The Ipad does more than just provide reading material, but it's also in a different price range. The world of reading has finally shifted!

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