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Hi, and therefore welcomed Start A Podcast Fast, the series where I help you get your podcast started really quickly. I’m Ryan McLane from and in this lesson you’re going to learn how to submit your podcast to iTunes and Stitcher Radio which are the# 1 and# 2 places where people listen to podcast. The great news is you only need to do this step once because formerly you have done it your podcast episodes will automatically update each time you liberate a brand-new one. In order to submit your podcast to iTunes and Stitcher Radio you need first your RSS feed URL. There are two ways to get this. First you can use the SoundCloud RSS feed which I don’t recommend because it doesn’t give you full control.

Nonetheless if you don’t have your own website and you only have a SoundCloud account then this is what you’re going to have to use. The second technique that I recommend is using your own website with the Blubrry PowerPress Plugin. First I’m going to show you how to find your SoundCloud RSS feed for be introduced into iTunes. Start to and log into your account. When you’ve logged in up the top privilege you’ll see this little cog which looks like a decideds barroom, click on it and then find the Settings tab which is located just about the logout tab. Inside the Settings tab you’ll see your RSS Feed. You need to be a SoundCloud podcasting beta customer to have a RSS feed so if you’re not a beta customer you’ll need to become one. So here’s our RSS feed here and we are in a position simply copy that to use in our submissions to iTunes and Stitcher Radio. At this phase I’m going to show you how to use your own website and find the RSS feed Before you do this you do need to set up the blubrry PowerPress Plugin and I have created a lesson to show you exactly how to set that up correctly so check out that lesson and follow those steps if you haven’t done that already.

To get the podcast RSS feed for your website go to wp-admin and log into your back end region which will then bring you to this dashboard. We then want to go down to the PowerPress Options and we want to click on Fixeds and we want to make sure that we are on advanced mode. If “youre on” this default mode you want to click switch to advanced mode is so that you’re in the advanced mode and then you crave to go to this feeds tab here and it will show you this special podcast on the feed and the feed is there and you are able to basically copy the connect address and that will imitate that feed for submissions into iTunes. I’m now going to show you how to submit your podcast to iTunes which is by far the# 1 direction people listen to podcast episodes. The first thing there is a requirement do is open iTunes and “re going to the” iTunes Store. When you’re in the iTunes Store there is a requirement steer to the podcast section.

To do that you can click on these three dots up here which entails more and you’ll find the podcast section. When you’re in the podcast section on the helping hand side there are some different relates there and you can see a connect here: submit a podcast. So let’s go ahead and click submit a podcast. That will bring us to this page and we need to submit our podcast feed URL. Now remember if you’re using SoundCloud the RSS feed is in that settings barroom here and in order to be allowed to imitate that RSS feed and use that. If you’re using your own website then it’s can be found in the PowerPress decideds for the purposes of the feeds tab and we want this connect here. I am therefore going to go ahead and set that in and we then click Continue.

You then need to sign in using your Apple ID. If you don’t have an Apple ID you can go ahead and establish one( it is free) and then click Continue. iTunes will then give you its evaluation of your podcast. All of the information collected is the information that we participated when we learned how to set up the Blubrry PowerPress Plugin correctly. If this is incorrect then you need to go back into your website back into the iTunes here and there is a requirement edit it there. You can’t actually edit it in iTunes. If everything there is fine you can go ahead and submit that podcast. It will then take about 24 to 48 hours for your podcast to be manually adopted within iTunes. I do recommend having at least three podcast episodes did before you submit it to iTunes because it increases your chances of getting into brand-new and noteworthy. Formerly you have been approved then this is necessary to go back into PowerPress into the Settings tab and up into iTunes and we need to get out iTunes subscription URL.

In order to find that we need to go back into iTunes and we need to find our podcast. For me I’m going to search for an existing podcast which I have which is the On Property Podcast and we can see the podcast here. We then open up our podcast and on our name we simply right-click on our name and we click Copy link. We then go back into WordPress and that associate that we facsimile is our iTunes URL subscription and so we would paste it in there and then merely made save. If you want to learn some other gratuities on how you are able to grade higher in iTunes and get more downloads then I have a free course on that which you can check out at grade. I’m going to now depict you how to submit your podcast in Stitcher Radio. Stitcher is probably the# 2 direction that people listen to podcast episodes, “theyre on” Android machine which iTunes isn’t in and they’re getting into cars as well. To submit our show to Stitcher it is also necessary scroll down to the extremely bottom and we need to meet the partner section.

We then need to click this partners sign up tab and you can then go ahead and fill in your information materials and sign up. Formerly you’ve signed up you can then log in to the partners portal section by scrolling down to the bottom and clicking on this Partner Portal button. Formerly you’re logged in you then need to click on the add testifies tab in the pinnacle; you then enter your show identify; you then enter your RSS feed URL which is the same one that you submitted to iTunes; you choose your category; select your subcategory. For the present number of listeners this doesn’t actually matter, mines are brand new so I’m just going to do 0 to 100. You can put in your Twitter handle here; you can put in your Facebook page if you crave and you can also put in some keywords. I have entered some keywords there. You then agree to the terms and conditions and click Continue. Again it will take some time in order to be allowed to manually review your podcast and accept it but you should get accepted. That is how you submit your podcast to iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

The other directories that you might want to submit your podcast to – well, is truly only one and that’s SoundCloud and that’s another reason why I recommend that you actually use SoundCloud for podcasting rather than another media host like Libsyn or something like that. If we look at Ask Pat Podcast we can see that he has almost 400,000 people following merely on SoundCloud so SoundCloud is a big platform for people podcasting so I do suggest that you get your podcast in SoundCloud by utilizing them as your media host. If you crave more details on how to grade higher in on iTunes and get more downloads go to grade to get that free tutorial. Thank you guys so much for following me in this series Start A Podcast Fast. I hope that this has helped you get your podcast off the floor and get onto started and I please you all the best in your podcasting journey.

If you love this series then you are going to love our advanced tutorials where you can discover advanced techniques for improving your podcast. We likewise have a listing of tools and resources that will help you in your podcasting expedition. Psyche over to now to check those out. So until next time, remember don’t merely podcast, podcast fast. 8/ 8 How To Submit Your Podcast To iTunes and Stitcher Radio | Start A Podcast Fast Page 1 of 3.