How To Publish A Kindle eBook Today On Amazon

Hey this is Stefan from Project Life Mastery and In this video, I’m going to show you in exactly a few minutes how you can produce your very own volume to Amazon and Kindle and start selling it within 24 hours from now. First, I’ll give you an example of what a Kindle book looks like on Amazon. This is a book that I personally wrote a few years ago. I publicized it. It’s called Life Proficiency: How To Loose Your Hidden Potential and Achieve Everything You’ve Ever Wanted. This is my own real estate on Amazon where people can rummage for it. They can buy it. If someone buys this volume and speaks it, I can get paid for it. Amazon will pay a 70% royalty on every single sale. As “youre seeing” right now, I’m selling this volume for $4.99. It’s enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. I’m going to explain to you and stroll you through step by step in this video how you can produce your very own volume to Amazon and Kindle just like this. The first thing you’ll necessitate is a KDP account. KDP stands for Kindle Direct Publishing. You can sign up for free at

By the route, I’m going to have a relation below this video on the description as well as to a blog upright that will provide a lot more details and information and all the links that I mentioned throughout this video. You can produce to Amazon and Kindle publisher anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter where you live. You could be in Africa, Asia, South America, Australia, Canada. It doesn’t matter where you live, you can produce a volume to Amazon, a Kindle book and sell it on and all of Amazon’s platform.

I’m going to show you exactly how to do that in this video. In order to sign up, all you have to do is click the button here and the sign-in button. There is gonna be a button to sign in as a different user. I’m going to click on sign up. Then formerly you get to this page, you’re going to want to put in your email or your mobile multitude. You’re going to want to select, “I’m a brand-new customer.” Then click the sign-in using our fasten server button right here.

Then after that, they’re going to ask for some more additional datum such as your identify, your address, how you want to get paid. Whether you want to get paid by check or direct situate. In most countries, you can get paid by direct situate, however, they don’t allow that for every country, and so you might have to opt to get a paid check every month from KDP. You likewise might be asked for some levy datum. It might require as well if you want to sell within the United States.

Once you replenish all this information and sign up for your note, you’ll be taken to the KDP dashboard which gazes just like this. Right now, I’m logged in to one of my KDP details. You can see my Life Mastery Book publicized right here. In order to include a brand-new volume entitlement, you’re just going to click on form brand-new entitlement right here. It’s important before you defer your volume to KDP to make sure that you have the book that’s already written and formatted for Kindle as well as the book coating and acquiring sure that the book coating has been formatted for Kindle as well, as well as the book description, any additional keywords.

Also acquiring sure that you’ve done all the right experiment is so that your volume is going to sell, it’s in a profitable niche and sell on Amazon, on Kindle. These are all very important things that will help ascertain your success formerly you produce a volume. Because it’s not enough just to produce a volume and then expect that everyone is going to buy. You have to do the right experiment, if you want to are benefiting from Amazon search and rank your volume in different categories and whatnot. Doing all the right market research is what’s going to help ensure your success as well as the right advertisement and marketing programmes. These are all things by the way that I teach inside my K Money Mastery course. You can read more at and I’ll put a relation below it in the description of this video as well. All right. Once you’re ready to submit your volume to KDP, it’s going to firstly furnish some information about what is called KDP Select.

KDP Select is an optional curriculum which becomes your volume exclusive merely to Amazon. Intending that when you recruit your volume right here into KDP Select, your volume will merely exclusively be able to be sold on Amazon and on Kindle. Intending that you can’t produce it anywhere else on the internet. You can’t sell my shares anywhere else either. It’s exclusive exactly to Amazon. When you recruit your volume, it’s recruited for up to 90 periods. After that time periods, you can have decided to opt out and not have it be part of KDP Select. This is solely optional for you. You can even produce without enrolling your volume in KDP Select if you choose.

However, there are benefits to enrolling in KDP Select. For pattern, KDP has particular promotional implements such as the free advertisement which allows you to generator a volume up to five days free-spoken on Amazon which can help get you a lot of free downloads and are contributing to grade your volume really well on Amazon. Which can help you get a lot of organic sales in their search engine. They likewise have some called a Kindle countdown deals which earmark you to offer a limited period of time discounts on your books. They likewise allow you to recruit your volume as part of the Kindle Unlimited Program and the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library which mostly means that if an Amazon customer is a member of Kindle Unlimited, then they’ll be able to download your volume for free and then KDP will pay you based on how many pages of your volume did that purchaser reads.

It’s an entirely different fee pulpit that you can benefit from and contact more of Amazon’s clients with. I generally always recruit my books in KDP Select because they just volunteer so many phenomenal welfares that they are able really give you an advantage when you produce your volume and really are contributing to have a lot of success. However, like I read, it’s totally optional or you can opt out of it after 90 periods. Next, you’re going to want to put in your volume details such as the volume identify and subtitle. For pattern, let’s say that the entitlement of this volume was meditation and then my sub entitlement is how to ruminate. Then you’re just going to throw that datum in there.

It is important to make sure that you’ve optimized your volume entitlement of the human rights keywords on Amazon. You’ve done the right experiment. You’ve located and identified the right niche and sell and what people are sought for. In order to rank on Amazon, you want to optimize your Amazon listing for that so that you can grade high up. There’s a lot that goes into that, but I’m not going to mention in this video, but it is important to know and perhaps I’ll do another video that shows a little bit more about that. If your volume is part of a series, you can select this button right here. The additive multitude is optional as well as the publisher. Description is very important. It’s necessary. You have up to 4000 characters that you can lay in here. They do earmark limited HTML.

If you want to have special formatting for your description to make it examine hot and colours and bolding and italicize or underline situations or have bullet qualities, then there are some basic HTML that you can throw in the towel here. However, exactly for that demonstration purpose of this, I’m just going to put in this volume is about meditation. Now, you are going to want to optimize this description and use as many of the specific characteristics as possible. When people click on your listing, that’s going to be an important thing. That’s going to help them determine whether or not they should buy your volume, because the description is a reflection of the book. If the description is not good, then people are going to assume that your volume isn’t good likewise. You want to make sure your description is good and if you have a really good description and you implement really good copywrighting and good formatting, then that they are able really increase some volume sales.

The book helps, this is the author identify that you can put in or you can also put in a pen name if you have selected if you want to remain anonymous. Pen names is very common among the publishing industry. Mark Twain is a pen name. A spate of story volume scribes they used different pen name as well. Just for the pattern of this, I’m just going to put in John Smith as the author. The communication is English. ISBN if you have one. That’s optional. I’m going to leave that. The next part is to verify your publishing claims. You can select either this is public orbit study or not public domain and that you own the rights to it. In the event of this, I’m just going to select the, “I own the rights to this.” Next is choosing the categories for your volume. I’m going to click on add categories. You can choose up to two different categories. It’s best to pick the most relevant categories for your volume. There are some more advanced programmes that can help you really optimize your volume for different programmes which can help you grade better, because under each of the different categories, Amazon has the top 100 best seller ranking.

If you can grade your volume in these different categories in the top 100, then you can reach a lot more clients as well. That’s a little bit more of an advanced programme, but for now for this volume, just for the pattern of this video, I’m just going to select general for that and mindfulness and meditation. Click save. Next is the age stray. That’s optional. In this case on this volume, I’m going to choose not to touch that. However, if you do have a children’s volume, then that could be very critical, because it can help you contact the right demographic “of childrens rights” that you’re trying to target. Next is the KDP seven keyword. You have up to seven different keywords that you can throw in for your Kindle book. This is very important because Amazon is a search engine.

People when they have the Kindle reader, they’re using it as a search engine. They’re searching for certain keywords. The event of this volume, because it’s on meditation, acquiring sure that I have meditation and other related keywords here. It’s really going to help me show up and rank my volume on Amazon. There’s a lot more advanced programmes when it comes to keyword research and picking the correct one. This is some that’s generally done on Amazon. You want to look and find out what people are sought for so that you can grade your volume for it. Just for the case of this video, I’m just going to throw in just some basic keywords here. You’re going to want to use all seven and you don’t inevitably need to mention the same keywords over and over again. Having different changes is important, because different changes of keywords can allow you to grade in totally different categories on Amazon who are capable of contribute to increasing your sales also.

Next is select your volume exhaust alternative. If the book is ready to be published now, you can just leave it as, “I’m ready to exhaust my volume now.” If you want to have your volume on pre-order, it’s not quite ready yet, then you can select, “Make my volume available for purposes of pre-order.” “Theres” some good launching programmes for that, so for example, if your volume is not quite ready yet, you can put it as pre-order and actually start going unverified reviews and everything and have other people check out your volume before it’s even available for sale. You can actually propel your volume with a lot of refreshes before you know’s even ready to be launched, and then formerly you propel it, it has all these reviews and you can really grade it a lot higher on Amazon that route. Reaching down here is the book coating. You’re going to want to make sure that you have the volume coating that fulfils their coating guidelines. You can exactly click on browse for epitome and upload it that way. Just for the sake of this video as a demonstration purpose, I’m going to use the coating architect which becomes it pretty simple to create a cover.

However, be borne in mind, the coating is not going to be super high quality or examine amazing. Your coating is exceedingly, exceedingly important in selling your volume, because where individuals see your volume on Amazon, the listing … Often, people evaluate books by the coating. If it stands out, if it has great colours, if it has a captivating entitlement and headline, that really grabs their notice. Having the right coating is exceedingly, exceedingly important. It can literally shape or transgress your volume and your volume sales. You can have the best volume in “the worlds”, but if the marketing of it, the presentation isn’t good, then sure as shooting people aren’t going to buy it unfortunately. Just for the demo of this video, I’m just going to select exactly one of the following options intends here. Then I exactly modernized the background epitome. Then I’m going to click on preview. Now, it’s just going to update my coating. Then formerly that’s done, I’m going to click on save and submit.

My cover now should be added to my volume listing. Okay, there you go. There’s the coating. Then the next step is to upload your volume. When you upload your volume, you have two options to enable digital claims managing and do not enable digital claims administration. This basically gives people the ability to be able to lend your volume for other people. If you want to impede that, then you want to disable it. If you miss the customers to be able to lend the book formerly they purchase it to their friends or other people for only a limited time periods, then you can enable it if you have selected. It’s entirely up to you. It’s your alternative. Then once you’ve selected that, you’re going to want to upload your volume to KDP by clicking browse. You’re going to want to find your volume file that’s already been formatted for Kindle.

Kindle necessary special formatting for it to show up properly on their e-readers and their inventions. You can read a little bit more about their content guidelines here and how to format. I generally always outsource the formatting. I hire other people to do that for me or I use one of the templates that I have that exactly really make it easy. For pattern, I have a template that I offered to my members of K Money Mastery which is already pre-formatted for Kindle.

This is a great template that you can actually send to your volume the authors and they can mostly exactly fill in the contents and write a volume for you. If you want to outsource your volume and you don’t want to write your volume yourself, that is something that I teach inside my K Money Mastery curriculum. Or if you already have a volume that you can use a template like this. It’s already formatted. I either use Microsoft Word or Pages for Mac to format. I likewise show exactly how to do that as well. If you have your volume already ready to go, then exactly browse for the book file and upload it right here and you’ll be able to preview the book to make sure it gazes the right way that you want before you produce it. Once your volume has been uploaded, it will say upload and transition successful. It’ll likewise operate a quick spell check and say to you if there’s any errors in the book.

This book has zero possible errors which is great. It will then give you the ability to preview your volume to make sure that it gazes the route that you miss before you produce it and it is important to make sure that your volume is primarily formatted, because you miss your customers to have a positive ordeal. If someone buys your volume and it’s unreadable or doesn’t examine good, then that can lead to rebate or a negative re-examine. You always want to preview the book and make sure that you’re happy with the formatting. Then formerly you’ve done that, then click on save and prolong. There’s this one more step before you produce it and becomes live on Amazon. The next pace is to verify your publishing provinces. You can actually pick whether you miss your volume to be available worldwide means that anyone can buy your volume anywhere in the world.

Or if he’s want to target individual provinces. I always exactly target worldwide. Reaching down here, you can select the pricing and the royalty for your volume, so there’s two different royalty options. One is 35% royalty. The other is 70% royalty. The 35% royalty is only if you price your volume anywhere from 99 cents to $200. If you sell your volume at 99 cents, then you’ll get paid a 35% royalty. If you sell it for $150, you’ll get a 35% royalty.

The 70% royalty alternative who the hell is the sweetened discern that “youre going to” are benefiting from is pricing anywhere from 299 to 999. That’s the primary price notes that KDP wants you to sell your volume at. You’re going to get a 70% royalty in doing so. Often, there’s different methods and programmes when you propel your volume, but what I teach inside K Money Mastery is to launching your volume in 99 cents firstly. I generally always select 35%, put at 99 cents. The intellect for that is when you first launch your volume, you want to get a lot of sales.

You want to be able to get refreshes. You need to be able to promote your volume. I have a certain method that I teach inside my route over the first two weeks to be able to effectively promote your volume so that you can grade it highly on Amazon. Once your volume is ranked and it’s selling at 99 cents, you can then price it at 299 or or develop the price and select the 70% alternative. There’s different methods and programmes that I educate when it comes to that. It’s important to shape sure you do this the right route from the very beginning. If you do a poverty-stricken volume launching and your volume, it doesn’t get much traction when you propel it, then it’s an uphill battle. It’s going to be very hard for you to revive that volume and start ranking it effectively on Amazon.

You want to make sure that you propel it the right way from the very beginning. Again, that’s the methodology used that I teach inside K Money Mastery. You can select whatever price you miss for the book. It’s then automatically going to calculate the give payment, the guessed royalty that you’re going to make for the book. If you sell it 2.99, you’re going to get paid about$ per sale. You can place the price for the UK, Germany, France, Spain, all the other Amazon accumulations that are available and have your volume available on those as well, so you can shape some additional coin from all those other scaffolds. Reaching down here, you can recruit the book in Kindle MatchBook. That’s only if you have a paperback version of the book as well.

If you have a paperback version, let’s remark on CreateSpace, you can recruit MatchBook which mostly means you can offer a deduction if they buy both the Kindle and paperback version. You can also select the Kindle book circulating library. You can actually get paid if people lend your volume to people as well. Once you’re happy with everything, you filled in all the information, you’re happy with all that is you put in. You’re going to want to click here to agree to the terms and made to ensure that you read and understand KDP’s terms and conditions. When your volume is ready, click on save and publish and then that’s it. Within 24 or 48 hours, your volume will then be live on Amazon ready for sale. KDP will send you an email to advise you when your volume is live.

Then at that point, your volume “il be starting” making you coin, passive income. Like I said before, formerly you produce your volume, your work isn’t quite done yet. You still have to sell and promote your volume. You can’t exactly produce your volume and expect that it’s going to start selling and people are going to start buying it and it’s going to out contest and out grade all the other books on Amazon. Quite frankly, publishing is the easy part. Anybody can do it. I exactly depicted you how to do it in a duo minutes in this video. Marketing your volume, promoting it, out-ranking and going refreshes. Advantaging from your volume. Those are the real abilities that you need to learn and master as a publisher and as a marketer, because that’s really what’s going to separate you from all the other books on Amazon. Being be permitted to stand out, but likewise being able to effectively sell and promote your volume. That’s exactly what I teach inside my K Money Mastery curriculum. You can learn more about it at I’ll have a connect below this video, but if you really want to take things to the next degree and be able to compete with all the other books on Amazon and outrank them and out-compete them and have an side and advantage that other publishers don’t have, then check out K Money Mastery.

It has certainly help take “youve got to” that next degree. I want to thank you for watching this video. I really hope you experienced it. Constitute sure to like the video below and leave a comment. Tell me know what any issues that you have. Subscribe for more videos like this. Check out K Money Mastery and I’ll talk to you in the next video. Hey this is Stefan and thank you so much for watching this video. If you experience this, then please punch the like button below. Leave a observation or make us know what you think and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more great videos like this. Now, if you want to take your life to the next degree, then I want to offer you a free knack. It’s called My Life Mastery Toolkit and it literally has the best of the best use of what I have to given in terms of videos, essays and resources for taking your life to the next degree and living in an extraordinary life.

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