Best Podcast Equipment Setup for Beginners

Hey chaps Anthony Tran now from Selling Access Pass. I’ve teamed up with Buzz Sprout to bring this to you. Now this part 2 of a 3 side video streak where I share with you some podcast equipment alternatives to help you start podcasting today. Just a quick synopsi of video 1. We talked about the basic podcast setup that you need. Which included a podcast microphone and a headset. Now if you plan to podcast often and you want that professional sound and appear then you clearly want to upgrade to this box because it includes a mic limb and a disturbance mount.

And we’re going to talk about all those things in this video. Let’s get started. Alright let’s talk about the podcast microphone limb. This is the Rode PSA1 Studio Boom Arm for radio, broadcasting, dwelling utilization, and of course podcasting. What I love about these thunder arms is it allows you to attach your microphone to the limb so you are able to free up your desk infinite. Now this thunder limb is so great. It’s very professional inspecting. It has a sturdy scheme. The limb has a sleak pitch-black matte finish with a springtime backlash which allows you to adjust the height of the microphone easily. The thunder limb can attach to the edge of your desk with a secure or can be fitted with a drill hole and prepared for permanent accommodate. As you can see the studio thunder limb are also welcome to rotate a full 360 degrees and has an adjustable knob in order to be allowed to have the perfect angle for your microphone.

The limb too comes with a velcro strap to self-assured the microphone cable against the limb. The limb too mixes well with the MY-4 20 disturbance prepare. The disturbance prepare facilitates stabilize the podcast microphone from external vibration which can alter as low pitch interference. The ATR2 100 microphone fits perfectly with the on place MY20 shock mount and it leaves you a professional podcast studio setup. With this box you get the ATR2 100 microphone. Now I go in depth why this is such an amazing microphone for the cost in video 1 so be sure to check it out to get the full inspect. You’ll too get in this podcast equipment box … the Audio Technica ATH-M2 0x headset. This is a high quality professional headset that is highly durable and unusually cozy for long transcription hearings. Alright chaps I hope you enjoyed this video and as you can see you can get a professional podcast studio setup for a reasonable cost. Make sure you check out the other 2 videos so you can see what other podcast equipment alternatives are available for beginners.