Best Apps to Download Podcasts on Android or iOS

Welcome to Tekzilla Bites, feeding your tech thirst tight. I’m Shannon Morse, and I desire listening to podcasts. These save me from having a suffering commute. But what applications are best for podcasts listening? I think in this case, and I dislike to say it, iOS has it down. Apple has an excellent app for podcasts and it’s called Podcasts. It’s free, and it’s super easy-going to encounter and subscribe to podcasts, as well as customise the gaze. You can create stations, rolls, you can even give it up so that after a podcast is listened to, it vanishes off your app. On the Android side of things, though, your choices get a little bit trickier. There’s tons make their own choices. If you want to listen to podcasts in a really nice, organized surrounding, though, you’re kind of out of luck. There are plenty of podcast listening apps that you can download for free, sure. But they aren’t as clean and liquid as the free iOS podcast app. In this case, I would fish out$ for Pocket Casts. That’s not $ 399, that’s $3.99. This application is clean, it’s easy to use. It’s pretty similar to the iOS counterpart.

You can swipe to the right to find the commands, and you are able to detect brand-new podcasts with the detect alternative. You could also use their pursuit to find a particular present. Similar to iOS’s Podcast app, Pocket Casts will let you customize your app interface by organization in pretty much any style you’d like. It’s super, super nice. But again, this one rates four bucks, so it’s a bit hefty on the cost back for the purposes of an app. I do think it’s worth it, though, if you listen to a ton of podcasts. Lastly, you could ever organize your podcasts on your computer long before you even sync them to your phone.

Both Podcasts and Pocket Casts, respectively, same time by incorporating this into their applications. So no computer is required, specially if you’re on the go. Now while you are on your computer, though, you can try for some excellent tutorials in the programmes and photography. They give millions of video tutorials for everything, from gesture graphics to web design, and even Java. For $25 a month, you get unlimited access to video tracks and you can start where you are want at your own tempo. So try free for seven days by visiting tekzilla, and get the skills you need to get ahead.

And for more from Tekzilla, hit up Tekzilla or And check out our Tekzilla bite about Aviate, a predictive Android app that will operate like an intelligent launcher on your home screen. That’s pretty cool. Again, my epithet is Shannon Morse. Thank you for watching.