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Domine, noverim Te, noverim me. Lord, may I know Thee; may I know myself. We have to know God, we have to know ourselves, and then to know that we have been made for union with God by mutual love. The first great foundation of spiritual life is the twofold knowledge of God and of […]

Christian Life


Convertimini ad Me, in toto corde vestro. “Be converted to Me with all your heart, saith the Lord” (Joel 2. 12). The good Providence of God that governs the world, and arranges for us day by day, allows us to gather together for this Retreat—allows us; for thousands of others He does not allow. A […]

John Calvin

Chapter XII. A Consideration Of The Divine Tribunal, Necessary To A Serious Conviction Of Gratuitous Justification

Though it appears, from the plainest testimonies, that all these things are strictly true, yet we shall not clearly discover how necessary they are, till we shall have taken a view of what ought to be the foundation of all this argument. In the first place, therefore, we should reflect that we are not treating […]

John Calvin

Chapter XIII. Two Things Necessary To Be Observed In Gratuitous Justification.

Here are two things to which we must always be particularly attentive; to maintain the glory of the Lord unimpaired and undiminished, and to preserve in our own consciences a placid composure and serene tranquillity with regard to the Divine judgment. We see how frequently and solicitously the Scripture exhorts us to render ascriptions of […]

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