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Audacity Tutorial How to Record Voice for Voice Over Podcast & Walkthrough Videos Vocal Effects

Hello. My identify is Andrew Mercer thank you for joining us and in this short audacity tutorial I will show how to improve the music of your voice in your podcast voice over walk through video-game videos now i think this question many times for readers hearing you to the number-one blog enter mercer dot cdi and that’s how can i improve this out of my voice well you know there’s a couple of things you want to do first of all the best microphone you can afford that’s the first thing he does not to be a extremely expensive microphone but did the best microphone you can afford and that’s going to give you approve most probably a better signal uh…

As you know someone using a headset microphone using a separate microphone here has given me great sound uh … the second thing is it is also necessary microphone diluted speaks immediately into it uh … u mite will be implemented by a pop filter which is as a video here and how do you stop filters in how to make your own for free and also there’s a video here and how did the will close its encloses a are the music you get when you sorrow immediately into the microphone in we don’t wanted to go now let’s assume you’ve got a close so “hes been” popular terror need i say i’m still not happy with it and stimulated several highly may be moved so mitten the most wonderful thing for us to do is still lower the picture of your voice now here’s the deal that you bring your clang for you video immediately into on fatality the and you select all the music and you go up to impact and with the fact you’re going to change pitching now in a serious at the minus ten so let’s lowering the pitching by minus ten percentage you can do that but isn’t in my stand here in today’s window and “il be going” kate massive elicit exam one two three and registering my voice and go into lower it to make it music more for now you know this is not you can hear my voice now that clangs a little employment but let’s on do that here what the original voiced like exam one two three you see it actually clangs quite a bit lower less redo it and here to get experiment one two three seal or turn off that it doesn’t sell at a robot but it still clangs a little fuller lower kitchen a warmer supposes it uses thing to do in order to improve the music of your voice on your walk through war let’s play videos so they don’t have those provisions describe it as a sword mill merely dislike report it

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