Tue. Jul 16th, 2019

MJ. Andre

I Am Indwelt By My Lord & Savior!


“to be misunderstood even by those whom one loves is the cross and bitterness of life. It is the secret of that sad and melancholy smile on the lips of great men which so few understand. It is what must have oftenest wrung the heart of the Son of man.”
Henri-Frederic Amiel 1821 -1881


What you need to know about me is that I am not a follower of Christ nor that I am one of His numerous fans.

I am however been indwelt by my redeemer and it is not “I” who live, but Christ lives in me.

There is a place where the Christian learns to live without end, goal and purpose but, Christ. The entrance for this place is found through walking the unpretentious and humble path of His Highways. Anyone of us Christian who decides to live the Christian life where we know nothing of man, but Christ crucified, will eventually find himself on that lonely, misunderstood and melancholic path that Amiel mentioned. But, deep inside, it is so rewarding that you need Him to keep you humble every moment of this life for having found this path with Him. Of course, some are much further ahead on this road and some are much further behind. My only ambition these days is to eventually catch up to those who have traveled so much further ahead. Amidst the harshness and sweet sorrows of this road there is a profound rest deep in the recess of the heart for having reached thus far.
Humbly, in His Agape Love,
M.J. Andre

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