About Me


This is not typical “ABOUT ME” page. It is more like how did I get here?

The past few weeks, God has been working in my heart to create this ministry of intercession and I have been fighting Him with everything I have. He shared with me that it is not for nothing that He has been showing me the past few months that those so called evangelicals who are in Donald Trump entourage either are not called by Him to be pasturing flocks and some are in need of revival. Hence this freak show we see going on with the evangelicals and so called Christians who are in Trump’s environment.

One community leader who is quite famous because of his last name whom has embraced Trump’s agenda, God showed me that this leader, not only he has never been broken by God he is also in need to buy “gold refined in the fire” from Him. Anyone of you who is aware of Rev. 3:18 would know that this means this person is not righteous in the eyes of God.  (I do not need to say this person’s name because God has not allowed me to say it yet and He has made it my load to pray for this leader.  

I struggled with God’s directions and that caused me to be depressed a bit. Even though I was depressed, I knew exactly what was going on with me, so I remained quiet before Him as much as I could, because I needed Him to give me the compassion and desire to start this ministry. I had two reasons to be upset with God’s directions to me:

  1. He showed me that Trump is not at fault, at least not the way we see it. This does not mean he is blameless and he will answer to God when the time comes. But, racism, prejudice, poverty, lack of justice, the lawlessness and the division in the country and so much more, have been boiling to the point it has reached today. God has shown me how most of us missed the fact that this is warfare coming directly from Satan’s playbook. Satan has planted some key people, in the Church, in leadership and in the government to lead us there where we are now. The only thing Donald Trump has done is making it worse, bank on it, feed his ego and he found a  bandage solution for his lack of self-worth and insecurity that cause him to live in this bubble of follies of grandeur. Anyway, no need to tell you that I was upset at God. In my heart, I was just like John the “son of thunder” which was a nickname given to him by Christ. I wanted God to send thunder down here and take the guilty ones down. The bottom line is, this situation is much more complex when seeing through the eyes of the Spirit and I was overwhelmed at the consequences in the near future and years to come. 
  2. The second problem I had with God’s demands on me, was the fact that Donald Trump always irks me because he is a constant reminder of a time when I was not proud of myself at all. I was as much of a fool that he is now except that it was a phase that I was going through and I grew out of it 

Thank God I grew up into a more decent and wiser human being.  Bottom line is that I did not like God’s agenda and demands. My heart was not willing to see things His way. I have no idea about God’s plans whether He wants to pursue Donald Trump with the Gospel and eventually save His soul and transform His heart. What I know for sure is that He made it clear to me that my job as His servant is to see Donald Trump as a lost soul and pray for him. I wrestled with it and finally conquered because, my role as a Christian is not to dictate to God how I want Him to behave, but for me to obey no matter what.

It is incumbent upon us Christians to see the difference between Satan’s work being done while well disguised, and the work of God. Everything that Satan presents to us will always have a bit of truth attach to it to entice and confuse us. The only way we remain firm and we see the truth spiritually is if we are walking in Spirit. If we are not walking in Spirit, then we are no better than an unbeliever thinking without common sense and without wisdom. 

Personally, I am not a follower of Christ nor that I am one of His numerous fans. I am however been indwelt by my redeemer and it is not “I” who live, but Christ lives in me.

Humbly, in His Agape Love,
M.J. Andre