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Thank you for visiting M.J’s Christian Book Publishing Directory!

So, You’ve finally finished writing your Christian book. It has a great message, and it would help so many people come to a deeper love and knowledge of God. So why is promoting it so hard? In all the noise and clamor of the web, your still small voice of calm is getting lost.

Psalm133: 1- 2 “How wonderful it is, how pleasant, when brothers live together in harmony!”

And you can achieve wonderful results for your book – either sales, or free distribution – by working together in harmony with your brothers and sisters Christian authors.

When you list your Publishing business of services with us, you become a partner as you join us in applying Christian principles of helping our brothers and sisters, allowing them to save time in the promotions of their books as they use effectively the marketing tools and resources found on this site.

So, spread the word and JOIN US!

Up until September 2018 all listings are FREE!



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