I would have you without carefulness.—I COR. vii. 32.

  O Lord, how happy should we be
  If we could cast our care on Thee,
    If we from self could rest;
  And feel at heart that One above,
  In perfect wisdom, perfect love,
    Is working for the best.


Cast all thy care on God. See that all thy cares be such as thou canst cast on God, and then hold none back. Never brood over thyself; never stop short in thyself; but cast thy whole self, even this very care which distresseth thee, upon God. Be not anxious about little things, if thou wouldst learn to trust God with thine all. Act upon faith in little things; commit thy daily cares and anxieties to Him; and He will strengthen thy faith for any greater trials. Rather, give thy whole self into God’s hands, and so trust Him to take care of thee in all lesser things, as being His, for His own sake, whose thou art.