(by Henry Law)

Holy Father, Almighty Lord God, listen to the cry of Your humble servants. Our defilements prove that we are miserable sinners. Your forbearance proves that Your mercy reaches above the heavens. We still live to cling to the cross of Your dear Son.

We see the world before us this morning. We know our weakness—and we are prone to fear; but we look up to You—and we fear no more. If we venture to go forth alone—we stumble and fall; but leaning on our Beloved—we are as firm as the everlasting hills! If left to the treachery of our own hearts—we shall bring shame to Your holy name; but enlightened, guided, and upheld by Your Spirit—we shall adorn Your heavenly doctrine.

Hear, then, our prayer, and be . . .
our arm to support us,
our light that we may see,
our strength that we may stand,
our feet that we may run,
our shield that we may receive no wound,
our sword that we may repel each foe,
our dew to refresh us,
our sun to ripen each grace.

To enrich us in all fruitfulness and fullness—would not diminish Your riches! To supply all our needs—would not detract from Your boundless stores!  

May Your presence always abash vice, check worldly-mindedness—and diffuse through us the fragrance of pure godliness.

Assist us, by the lamp of Your Word and the piercing rays of Your Spirit—to search every corner of our hearts. Let no Achan-sin escape detection! Let every Agag-sin be hewn to pieces! Let every idol-sin be stomped into powder! Let every rebel lust be nailed to the Savior’s cross! Let “holiness to the Lord” be the language of our lips, the sandals of our feet, and the clear engraving on our brows.