(by Henry Law)

A review of this day, causes us to hide our faces in the dust of shame. Our best works are vile and hateful in our own sight! What, then, must they be in Yours! If our purest worship is unclean—how must our open transgressions rise in condemnation! Have mercy, have mercy upon us, for Your dear Son’s sake. Have mercy, have mercy upon us, according to the multitude of Your tender mercies. Have mercy, have mercy upon us, for the great glory of Your great name.

May we retire to our rest this night, O blessed Savior, in the happy assurance that Your blood cleanses from all sin. We know that You will never cast out the people or the prayers of those who flee to You. To You—we now come. We clasp by faith Your precious promises. We cling to Your saving cross! We desire to wrestle with You in the might of faith, not letting You go, until You bless us!