44. Prayer for Sunshine in a protracted Season of Wet and Rain.

Lord God almighty, Thou who doest clothe the heaven with darkness, and makest their covering as a sack; Thou didst in thy wrath punish the impenitent old world for their wickedness and vice, with the overflowing waters of the flood, and didst destroy all the creatures of the earth, that live and have their being on dry land. We also at this time, according to Thy strict righteousness, on account of our manifold sins which we have committed against Thee, are visited with unusual rain, continued and protracted wet weather by which the land and the fruits thereof are greatly injured. Merciful Father, Thou who didst close the fountains of the deep as well as the windows of heaven at the time of the deluge, and didst command the rain from heaven to cease, take away from us all our sins and transgressions, and turn away from us the just punishment of our iniquities, the destructive rain and great waters. For the earth is sad, and the heavens are mourning. Behold the pledge in the clouds—the rainbow—and remember Thy promise, give good and fruitful weather, that the fruits in field and garden may prosper, and not be destroyed by the abundant and superfluous rain, and thus bring upon us famine and scarcity. Lord God of truth, Thou who canst not lie, Thou hast said: There shall henceforth be no more deluge to destroy the earth. Therefore be merciful, O Lord! and do not out of wrath close up the bowels of Thy compassion, O do not take Thy favor and mercy from us! Do Thou not give unto us idle teeth, and lack of bread, bless our bread, that we may always have something to eat, and praise Thy holy name; thus shall we know that we are Thy children indeed, for whom Thou dost most faithfully care, and praise Thee as our heavenly Father all the days of our lives. Amen.