58. Short Prayers in Sickness, for every Hour of the Day.

1. At One O’clock.

My Creator and Father, Thou true and only God, from whom cometh health and sickness, prosperity and adversity, it being Thy will that I should be afflicted so many days with this bodily sickness, give me Christian patience and the full assurance of hope. In times of adversity as well as in times of prosperity, Thou alone art my beloved Father. In this life, it is but the common lot of every faithful member of the church to bear the cross. Why should I make myself an exception? When even my Saviour, Jesus Christ, the head of the church, had to suffer for me. Beloved God and Father, who art upright in all Thy ways, keep me in Thy Word and let it be my surest remedy and greatest delight. Amen.

2. At Two O’clock.

Beloved Lord Jesus, my faithful Advocate and Saviour, I well know that by my sins I have deserved nothing less than this bodily infirmity, together with every affliction. I am comforted, however, by Thine inexhaustable grace and most precious atonement, through which Thou hast redeemed my body and soul. Whatever may befall my body in this life, I am assured that my body and soul are delivered from hell, and will eventually enter into eternal life and be crowned with health and heavenly glory. To this end help me, Lord Jesus. Amen.

3. At Three O’clock.

O Holy Ghost, most worthy and affectionate companion of my soul, and most faithful witness of my heavenly birthright and happiness, continue to abide in my heart during this protracted, bodily affliction, and quicken me by Thy divine comfort and keep me steadfast in Thy pure Word and most holy sacraments. Preserve in me faith, hope and charity, these three pillars of my Christianity. Enable me rightly to understand God’s paternal will that I may in silence submit to it, live and die in accordance with it. Amen.

4. At Four O’clock.

Beloved and faithful God, teach me to remember mine end, that I may not sin. Give me a happy death; on the Judgment Day absolve me; keep me out of hell; take me into Heaven. In the hour of death I will lay me down in peace and sleep. On the Judgment Day let me escape hell and dwell safely in Heaven. Let the seed of Thy word take root in my heart, abide in me and quicken me, until Thou wilt come to take me to Thyself. Amen.

5. At Five O’clock.

In my affliction and pain, where, O dear Jesus, could I make my refuge, but in Thy five sacred wounds? In these I will be secure when I shall have lost my mind and my senses. I will abide in Thee, abide Thou also in me. Trim the lamp of my heart with the pure oil of faith, prepare me thro’ Christian penitence to go forth with joy to meet Thee at Thy second coming, and in company with all the elect, forever to enjoy the wedding feast. Amen.

6. At Six O’clock.

I thank Thee, dear Lord and Father, that Thou hast created me in Thine image, with a human body and reasonable soul; and beseech Thee, that Thou wouldst not forsake me, Thy creature, in my distress, but wouldst exercise Thy paternal care over me, and powerfully deliver me. Many are my afflictions, and every day hath its own evils; but I know that Thou wilt finally deliver me from all afflictions and troubles; in Thee do I put my trust; let me never be put to shame. Amen.

7. At Seven O’clock.

O God, heavenly Father, who didst rest on the seventh day of the creation, do Thou also rest and keep Thy sabbath in my heart, Thou, who art my soul’s only rest and comfort. O Lord Jesus, let the seventh and last word, that Thou didst utter upon the cross, also be my last word in the hour of death, that I may commend my spirit into Thy hands. O God, Holy Ghost, Thou heavenly teacher, Thou spirit of prayer, do Thou kindle in me constant devotion to prayer, that in the Lord’s prayer, in the seven penitential Psalms, and other prayers and sighs, I may bring my wants to God, and be graciously heard by Him. Amen.

8. At Eight O’clock.

Dearest Lord Jesus, who didst upon the eighth day begin to suffer pain and to shed Thy blood: O, give me a willing spirit, patiently to bear my bodily infirmities to Thy glory, and the hope, that Thou wouldst graciously preserve me and my soul in the waters of tribulation, as Thou didst preserve the eight souls in Noah’s ark. Let me be among the eight multitudes whom Thou callest blessed, that I may be poor in spirit, patient in tribulation, meek toward my enemies, hunger and thirst after righteousness, merciful toward suffering Christians, pure in heart, peaceful toward my neighbor, steadfast in persecution. O, let me advance in the school of patience through all its grades, until through perseverance, I will be promoted to the joyful school of everlasting life, where with the Father and the Holy Spirit, I will praise and love Thee evermore. Amen.

9. At Nine O’clock.

O my dearest Lord Jesus, Thy great sufferings reached a desired end, in that Thou wast delivered from them through a blessed death. O grant unto me a blessed departure, and make an end to my wearisome afflictions.. For this I will thank, praise, and glorify Thee with my whole heart. I know, Thou wilt not forget me, and my hope will not be lost forever. Here upon earth I am a member of Thy church militant, O let me be a member of Thy church triumphant. Amen.

10. At Ten O’clock.

O righteous and gracious God, I heartily acknowledge, that I am not only conceived and born in sin, but have on account of human weakness in various ways transgressed Thy holy ten commandments in thoughts, words and actions, so that I have not only deserved this my sickness and other temporal affliction, but have also deserved everlasting punishment. But since Thy dear Son, my faithful Saviour Jesus Christ, has made satisfaction for all my sins, original and actual, with His precious merits and holy blood; I beseech Thee, that Thou wouldst for His sake be gracious unto me, and of Thy great mercy, forgive my temporal and eternal punishment. Guide me by Thy Holy Spirit, that I may separate myself from the great multitude of the ungodly, that I may strive after the true faith showing itself in good works; but especially that I may be patient under afflictions, fight a good fight, keep the faith and a good conscience, and finally live in Thy tabernacle forever. Do Thou alleviate my bodily pains according to Thy good will, and help me that I may bear my afflictions, for Jesus’ sake. Amen.

11. At Eleven O’clock.

O faithful Lord Jesus, who didst often and powerfully comfort Thy disciples after Thy resurrection, and doest invite the weary and heavy-laden to Thee, and doest promise to comfort them: O do Thou visit me in my sickness, comfort and refresh me; Thou alone art my refuge, my counsel and my help. I yearn for the evening time of a blessed death, and long for the joyful resurrection of my body. O let me early experience these my requests, then will I forever praise Thee with the Father and the Holy Ghost. Amen.

12. At Twelve O’clock.

Dearest Lord Jesus, I heartily thank Thee, that Thou hast revealed Thyself to me in the writings of the holy Prophets and Apostles, so that I can believe in Thee, and through faith obtain everlasting life. I beseech Thee, that Thou wouldst preserve me steadfast in true faith, that I may attain the end thereof, everlasting salvation. Make me cheerful and ready, so that when Thou, my dear bridegroom, doest come, that I may meet Thee with joy; lead me to Thy heavenly wedding-feast, where I will love and praise Thee. Amen.