40. Thanksgiving after Partaking of the Holy Supper.

Lord Jesus Christ, I give Thee most hearty thanks and praise, that Thou hast again washed me, a poor sinful being, of all my transgressions, and, for the most certain assurance of such washing and forgiveness of all my sins, hast permitted me to eat of Thy true body, and to drink of Thy true blood, and, taking me as an impure child after such cleansing, hast again received me into the fatherly arms of Thy grace and mercy, and doest thus show and present me blameless, pure and without fault unto Thy heavenly Father.

I pray Thee most heartily and from my whole soul, that, after Thy great benefit, Thou wouldst yet add this in abundance, and graciously grant me Thy grace through the working of the Holy Ghost, that I may be truly sensible of Thy great goodness, thankfully receive it, and from my heart magnify and praise Thee during my whole life. And do Thou further work in me through Thy Holy Ghost, and effect that IĀ also may heartily forgive my neighbor anything he may have done against me, as Thou, O Lord, hast pardoned and forgiven all my great and numerous transgressions, yea, and hast entirely wiped them out of Thy remembrance; that I may also love my neighbor, and from my heart show him all manner of good, even as Thou, O Lord, hast shown unto me more than I am able to thank for; in order that Thou, O good and faithful God, in us mayest be magnified and praised together with the Father and Holy Ghost throughout all ages. Amen.