39. Prayer for a worthy Partaking of the Holy Supper.

Behold me, Dear Saviour, As I Come Relying on Thy Gracious Invitation. May I find favor in Thine eyes, Thou Lover of Life. For who am I that Thou shouldst so friendly call me? Were I even holier than the angels, yet would I not be worthy of this repast; how then should I be worthy, seeing that I am of impure lips, yea, an abomination and offensive, if Thou doest not make me worthy? Therefore come Thou to my succor with Thy grace, and prepare me. Thou hast said: Whosoever cometh to me, Thou wilt in no wise cast out. Then take my soul into Thy favor, according to Thy great mercies. Dear Jesus, remember that of myself I have indeed much evil, but nothing good; so help me for Thy great goodness’ sake. O see how poor and miserable I am! Remember Thy faithfulness, O Saviour of the world, and fill my heart with grace. O! how I long to appear at Thy table with glowing devotion and becoming reverence in full faith, but where is the power to do, if I do not receive it of Thee, thou Author and Finisher of my faith? Therefore give Thou unto me whatsoever is pleasing to Thee. Graciously take from me whatsoever displeases Thee, or cover it, at least, I most humbly pray Thee, with the cloak of Thy righteousness. O! blessed is the soul that finds favor with Thee! Open Thou mine eyes that I may behold the wonders in Thy ordinances. Rouse my heart, and free me of all strange thoughts, increase my hope, inflame my desire, make ardent my devotion, purge me of all uncleanness, and sanctify me wholly, that I may approach with joyful confidence, that I may receive with pure mouth and holy heart, and with heartfelt desire eat and drink unto the life, welfare and blessing of my soul. Amen.