Eternal, merciful God, I, a poor miserable afflicted sinner, come before Thy divine Majesty bringing unto Thee nothing but sin, and on account of this sin I dare not raise my eyes unto Thee, but am cast down with shame, that I have so often and with great and manifold sins offended Thee, my God, my Creator and Father, so that if Thou wouldst deal with me according to my just dues, I would forever remain a child of wrath and eternal damnation. But dear Lord God and Father, I comfort myself with Thy great mercy, with Thy unmeasurable, unfathomable, endless and unspeakable grace, which Thou thyself hast vouchsafed unto me and which Thou, with a precious oath and affirmation, hast confirmed and given me ample assurance with Thy Words: “As true as I live, I have no pleasure in the death of a sinner, but that he might turn from his wickedness and live.” I comfort myself with Thine only begotten Son, my dear Redeemer, Justifier, Mediator and Saviour, that He has, by His perfect obedience, sufferings and death, obtained for me again Thy favor, and has given unto me, one that believes in Him, power to become Thy child and to remain an heir of Thy boundless mercy now and in eternity. Therefore, I will not despair, but will confess my sins, both internal and external, secret and manifest, unto Thee, and I will present myself before Thee guilty as an evil-doer and malefactor, and I know nothing more to do than to come upon the promise of Thy Word with an humble heart and dauntless spirit in true faith and sincere confidence in Thy promised mercy and the bitter sufferings of Thy dear Son, to the throne of grace, and from the depths of my heart exclaim: Abba, dear Father, Lord! have mercy upon me! O God, be gracious unto me, a poor, miserable sinner; forgive all my original and actual sins, and all that I have at any time thought, spoken or done against Thee, consciously or unconsciously. Lord, there is nothing good in me. In sin was I conceived and born, in sin have I lived, in sin do I yet live, so long as I carry with me this sinful flesh and blood, and my sins are continually before Thee. Thou seest in me a thousand times more, yea, and a thousand times greater sin than I myself am able to see, know and feel. O Lord, enter not into judgment with Thy servant, for in Thy sight shall no man living be justified. Have mercy upon me for the sake of Jesus Christ, Thy dear Son, my Lord and Saviour, and through Thy great mercy, which is greater than the sins of all men, 063blot out my transgressions. Wash me clean with hyssop and sprinkle me with the pure blood of Thy Son, which was shed upon the cross. May I be and remain Thy child and heir, a vessel of Thy mercy, a fountain and dwelling of the Holy Spirit. O, Lord, redeem, comfort and quicken me! Grant unto me Thy grace anew! Gladden my distressed spirit and my troubled and broken heart with Thy holy, joyful and life-giving Spirit. The broken reed and smoking flax Thou wilt not, O Lord, bruise and quench. Thou wilt not cast me away from Thy countenance forever, this I know full well. Thou wilt not permit me to despair, but wilt favor me with Thy true Spirit, who will enkindle and confirm in me true faith and comfort. O, Lord! my God and Father, Thou faithful God, hear my prayer, that I may continue to be and remain Thy child and temple, now and eternally. Permit me not to fall into error and vice against my conscience. Save me from blood guiltiness and from all evil. May I ever rejoice in Thy Word, that I may willingly hear the same, read and ponder over it and that I may therewith serve and benefit others, that I may speak of it day and night, and proclaim Thy righteousness and glory continually; and I will love, adore, praise, thank and serve Thee, my God and Lord, and Thy dear Son, my Saviour Jesus Christ, together with the Holy Ghost, now and in all eternity with all angels and men. Amen.