32. Prayer while beginning a Journey at Sea.

Eternal God, behold, I now journey upon the deep, and commit myself to the wild, rough sea; here on the waters I am tossed to and fro between heaven and earth, how shall this little ship, small and 048weak in structure, which cannot protect itself, protect me? On whom then shall I, wretched man, put my trust? Alas, O God and Lord, alone upon Thee and Thy fatherly power and care, for neither man nor any of Thy creatures can save me. The wind bloweth whithersoever it will, the sea lifts up its waves, beneath me I see neither ground nor foundation, and above the lone heavens. The men who assist me are in like danger and care; wherefore, O God, I lift my eyes alone unto Thee, from whom cometh my help, my help cometh from the Lord, who hath made heaven and earth. To Thee do I commit myself both body and soul, life and property. Unto Thee alone do I look, in Thee alone do I put my trust, my hope is in Thee, there is no help in man. Bear Thou this little ship on Thy wings, and preserve me within and be with me in the ship, else, O Lord, we perish; but if I only have Thee, I will ask nothing of heaven or earth! Yea, while I now depart from land and leave the same behind me, help me, to forsake and deny all confidence in worldly and human assistance, and to commit myself unto Thee alone. Lord, behold, I have entirely submitted to Thy will, do unto me as may seem good in Thy sight, that it may redound to the welfare and salvation of my soul. I commit myself into Thy hands, for Thou hast drawn me into Thy embrace, and no one shall pluck me out of Thy hand, because I am a member of Christ’s fold, and a sheep of his pastures, wherein I will gladly live and die by the help of the Holy Spirit. Amen.