29. Prayer before beginning any Important Work.

Lord, Thou doest great things, which are unconceivable, and wonders innumerable, Thou whose strength is mighty in weakness; I call upon Thee, the Most High, to prosper the work of my hands and graciously help me to accomplish this work, which I have undertaken with entire confidence in Thee. Lord God, strengthen me in this hour, and depart not from Thy servant, whose hope is in Thee, and without Thee can do nothing. Prepare me with strength from on high, and give me the wisdom which is continually about Thy throne, that it may be with me and direct my labors. All depends upon Thy divine blessing; wherefore remember me, O Lord, and bless all I do and all I leave undone, in order that I may begin and accomplish my work prudently and successfully. May my actions be pleasing unto Thee, assist me by Thy advice, in order that I may be able most profitably to begin, continue and finish my work. For unto Thee do I commit the beginning and the accomplishment of my labors, and unto Thee will I thankfully ascribe all praise for prospering the work of my hands. Amen. In Jesus name, Amen, Amen!