27. Prayer for Divine Blessing upon the Work of One’s Calling.

Lord God! Thou hast assigned work to every man according to his abilities, and it is Thy will, that we should eat our daily bread in the sweat of our face, until we return again unto dust, and that we should live by the work of our hands and prosper; behold, upon Thy word I will begin anew the work of my calling, grant that my efforts and labors be not in vain, but help that I may work with my hands the thing which is good, that I may have to give to him that needeth. Bestow upon me Thy favor and blessing at all times, for upon it depend all things, that I may accomplish my work and do wrong to no one, so that I may honor the Lord with my substance and provide for those near to me, especially for my own household. Bless us more and more, bless our substance and all that we have, for Thy blessing enriches us without the anxieties of the busy hand. Lord, gladden my heart and make cheerful my countenance, give me health, life and Thy blessing. All this, however, I ask of Thee in submission to Thy holy will, Lord, hear my prayer. Into Thy hands I commend my ways, in Thee I hope, Thou wilt do all things well. The Lord be praised daily. Amen.