23. Prayer of a Wife.
Gracious God, faithful Father! Since Thou hast, through Thy mercy, called me into the holy state of matrimony to be the mistress of a house, in which state I can also serve and please Thee, my God, do Thou bestow grace upon me, Thy servant, that I may at all times sincerely fear Thee, and trust in Thee above all things, O my Creator and Redeemer; and that I may, next to Thee, fear, love and honor my husband, and desire none other besides him. Help, that according to Thy command, my will be in subjection to my husband, to obey him with all readiness, and that I, in the innermost of my heart, may ever be adorned with a meek and quiet spirit and many virtues, like unto the holy women of olden times who trusted in God, being in subjection to their own husbands. Grant that I may lead a chaste and pure life in fear and humility, that I may in all godliness and with kind and modest words restrain and subdue the anger and ill-humor of my husband, and be enabled to meet him with indulgence; that I may, in meekness, train my children and servants unto the praise and honor of Thy holy name, and that they may, with willing hearts, obey me in those things which are good and righteous before Thee. Help that I may be a faithful help meet unto my husband, that I may with care guard over the blessings which Thou hast graciously bestowed upon us and not squander them, but that I may work and assist, as is becoming me in this my calling, that I may be able to give unto the needy and extend a helping hand unto the poor. Protect us against unfaithful and wicked servants, who neglect and waste our property. Give me grace that I may patiently bear the cross in married life, and not so soon become discouraged or intimidated whenever afflictions come upon us; for our faith must be tested through trials and adversities. O Lord God! Into Thy almighty power I commend myself, my dear husband, all my children and servants, do Thou preserve us from sin, disgrace and all afflictions, through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.